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There are two types of renunciations – fake and appropriate.

One day Srila Sanatana Goswami enquired, ‘O Lord! Please describe Yukta Vairagya to me. The mayavadis (impersonalists) insist that if a sannyasi (renounced) knows anything material to be comparable to a crow’s stool, then such a sannyasi is the best amongst men.
I wish to learn the duties of a vaishnava. Mercifully instruct me O Lord. I shall hold Your instructions upon my head’.
The Lord replied,’ There are two kinds of renunciations – Phalgu (false) and Yukta (proper). I have taught the difference between these two several times’.

Phalgu Vairagya – False renunciation

‘Within the hearts of those fruitive workers (karmis) and dry speculators (jnanis) who resort to apathy towards material life, arise the wickedness of false renunciation (phalgu vairagya).
Considering material life to be insignificant, they start acting against the laws of nature.
Service to Krishna and service unto the sages are relishable to the soul. By simply acting against material nature, they end up completely disheartened.
The heart of such a Phalgu Vairagi (false renunciant) is always dry and devoid of any mellows. It is unfit for the Lord’s holy name, form, qualities or pastimes to reside’.

Yukta Vairagya – Proper Renunciation

‘A true renunciant easily achieves success in his devotional practices. Everything he does is purified by his love for Krishna.
His heart easily evades the control of material nature. Taking shelter of the Lord’s spiritual potency, he quickly rejoices in supramundane devotion.
Practicing Bhakti yoga, such a devotee attains the favor of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna proclaims (in Bhagavad Gita), “na me bhaktah pranashyati” – My devotee never perishes.
Whoever Lord Krishna is pleased with and whoever He blesses, that person is truly fortunate within this world.
The transcendental emotions of Goloka (highest spiritual realm) are spontaneously manifested within his heart. He attains Goloka while staying in Gokula (within material earth). Maya stays far distant from him’.

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Driving away dry and joyless renunciation is our duty

O, brother! throw away dry renunciation. Carry proper renunciation and always retain it in your heart.
O brother! Where shall you go abandoning worldly affairs? Even if you go to the forest, you shall find material entanglement over there.
Your belly shall go there along with you. Just think how difficult it would be to maintain your body over there.
Unnecessarily, your body shall get quickly wasted (over there). How will you conquer Maya if you die?
Even if you don’t end up dying, you shall be rendered very weak. If you lose your knowledge (as a result), what good will you derive from it?

Therefore, proper renunciation is our duty

Stay at your house and chant the Holy name of Lord Krishna.  Interact with the world as appropriate (yatha-yogya) without getting attached to it.
Realize the actual purport of the two words ‘yatha yogya’. Do not misconstrue its meaning and become a sensualist.
Accept everything that is favourable to the execution of pure devotional service. Reject anything which is unfavorable to the execution of pure devotional service.
Those who reject the real purport of these two words (yatha-yogya) and misinterpret them, they follow the path of deceit, being driven by their sensual pleasures.
They eat palatable food, wear fancy clothes, and amass huge wealth. Being attached to women, such fools roam about day and night searching for a mansion with a fancy bed.
So, only accept those things which are necessary for preserving your body. In this way maintain your body.
Consume food that is in the mode of goodness and reject intoxicants. Be merciful to all living beings and loudly chant the holy name of the Lord.
Do not engage in materialistic pursuits on the pretense of deity worship. Abandon attraction and repulsion towards worldly matters.
O, brother! Never engage in enviousness, deceit or enmity with others, if you want to take my advice.
Discuss resolute devotion in seclusion, and engage your days serving Lord Krishna.
Do not strive to construct monasteries, temples, or big mansions to live in. But if you possess wealth, brother, then you can do as you desire.
If you don’t have wealth, then only engage in pure worship. Just offer water and Tulasi to Giridhari and hold Him to your chest.

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