One may try very hard and wander throughout the whole universe to seek out and achieve real knowledge, renunciation, devotion and other exalted virtues, but one will never be able to achieve these virtues to that fullest extent like those who are devoted to Lord Chaitanya's lotus feet
- Chaitanya Chandramrta


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                        Translated Scriptures - A preview

                        This section provides you with a sneak peek into some of our books. All of these below books are ancient Gaudiya Vaishnava scriptures that we have translated into English so that they are easily understandable and accessible. We have also published these books and they can now be purchased from anywhere in the world. These ancient scriptures essentially sing praises of Lord Gauranga, His exalted pastimes, or glorify His beloved Navadvipa dham. These books help us perceive the supremely exalted stature of the Lord Gaurahari, His eternal pastimes, and appreciate His unending mercy. Hence these books are exceedingly relevant for us and our project.