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Chapter Four – Lord Gauranga’s Greatness | Sri Prema Vivarta

Lord Gauranga’s dancing is eternal

O brother ! Please worship Lord Gauranga, who is my very life. Without Him, the pleasures of life are all meaningless.
Lord Gauranga eternally dances with Nityananda and Advaita Acharya, at Sacidevi’s courtyard in Mayapur, which is located within Navadvipa Mandala.
Being filled with the most sublime ecstatic mood, He dances at the courtyard of Srivasa Pandita. Anyone who sees this wonderful sight, never forgets it.
His dance remains eternally imprinted in my heart, memories of which make my heart cry.
When I see Him dancing in the temple of Lord Jagannatha (in Puri), endless waves of ecstatic emotions arise within my heart.
Will this wretched self ever witness the wondrous dancing sankirtana of Lord Gauranga upon the shore of the Ganges again?

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Chapter Three – First Obeisance | Sri Prema Vivarta

I offer my repeated obeisances unto the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani, whose partial expansion Srimati Satyabhama eternally resides in Dvaraka.
The son of Nanda Maharaja (Krishna) has now appeared as Sri Krishna Chaitanya. Bringing Gadadhara with Him, He has blessed the land of Nadia.
He brought Gadadhara Pandita along with Him at Jagannatha Puri and over there they, Gadai-Gauranga, manifested various confidential pastimes. Sri Gauranga introduced Gadadhara to the service of Sri Tota-Gopinatha.
Lord Gauranga gave me (Gadadhara) the service of Giridhari, who dwells on the shores of the ocean. He also asked me to take care of the devotees who had arrived from Bengal.
Sri Svarupa Damodara is more precious to me than my very life. Sri Krishna Chaitanya is Svarupa Damodara’s life and soul.
I offer my prostrated obeisances unto the feet of my beloved Gauranga. I write this book ‘Prema Vivarta’ having received the order from the devotees.

Chapter Two – About this book | Sri Prema Vivarta

The form and qualities of Sri Chaitanya always pervade my thoughts. Thus my heart cries and my body constantly swells.
As I kept crying, a thought arose in my heart. Taking up a pen I have started writing, keeping aside my shame and fear.
I am a ‘Pandita’ (learned one) only in name, possessing no substantial knowledge. Yet I have a strong desire to write the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya.

Svarupa Damodara Goswami and Jagadananda Pandita

Svarupa Damodara Goswami asked me,’ What are you writing Pandita ?’

I said, ‘I am writing about subjects that are very close to my heart. I shall very confidentially record whatever pastimes of Lord Chaitanya I can recollect’.
Svarupa Damodara then said,’Then write about the characteristics and pastimes of the Lord, which on being read, can benefit the world greatly’.
I replied ’I do not know what can benefit the world. I write whatever appeals to me’.
Svarupa Damodara left me alone knowing me to be eccentric. Sitting by myself, I write, meditating upon the Lord.
Staying with Lord Gauranga, I have been a witness to a lot of His pastimes. Therefore I am writing down some of them to please my heart.

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Chapter One – Invocation of Auspiciousness | Sri Prema Vivarta

radha krishna-pranaya-vikritir hladini shaktir asmad
ekatmanav api bhuvi pura deha-bhedam gatau tau
Chaitanyakhyam prakatam adhuna tad-dvayam caikyam aptam
radha-bhava-dyuti-suvalitam naumi krishna-svarupam
(Sri Chaitanya-charitamrita: Adi-lila,1.5)

The loving affairs of Sri Radha and Krishna are the manifestations of the Lord’s internal pleasure potency (hladini shakti). Though they are one by nature, yet they eternally exist as two (Radha and Krishna). Now, these two transcendental identities have again combined into one form as Sri Krishna Chaitanya. I bow down to Him (Lord Chaitanya), who is Krishna Himself, adorned with the mood and complexion of Srimati Radharani.

‘Sri Radha Krishna Tattva’ – The Transcendental truths about Sri Radha and Krishna

I offer my prostrated obeisances again and again unto the indivisible non-dual absolute who is the essence of all truths.That same absolute truth sometimes manifests as two – in the form of Sri Radha and Krishna. While sometimes He manifests Himself as one, as Sri Chaitanya, the supreme being.The Supreme Truth is eternally one without a second, and there is no difference between the Absolute truth and His various energies.Though there is no difference between the Supreme Lord and His energies, yet at the same time, there eternally exists a difference between them. All of the Vedas hence glorify this inconceivable oneness and difference between the Lord and His energies.

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