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Creating great tidal waves in the great ocean of causeless mercy, being splendidly dressed in wonderful and astonishing saffron garments that are as glorious as the sunrise, and glowing with the nectar of pure ecstatic love, may the handsome and wonderful moon of Lord Chaitanya, who has arisen from the supremely pure milk ocean of mother Saci’s womb, enter the sky of your heart.

- Chaitanya Chandramrta

Please help us in broadcasting the endless glories of Gauda Mandala Bhumi, the holy pastime places of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His eternal associates in this sacred land of Bengal, to each and every corner of this world. Please help us unearth more sacred Gaudiya Vaishnava teachings and texts. Help us disseminate their sacred transcendental knowledge in order to herald an era of inspiration and bliss in this world.

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Why Support Us ?

  • Your contribution shall help us in our research, visit more dhams, gather ancient literatures and enable us to reveal even more pastimes and pastime places of the Lord and His beloved associates.
    Lord Gauranga , the most magnanimous form of the Supreme, eternally exists in His name, glories, instructions ,pastimes and pastime places. Help us propagate the glories of Lord Gaurasundara and bring about the greatest welfare of this world.

  • Please help us unearth the sacred Gaudiya Vaishnava teachings and texts. Help us disseminate this sacred transcendental knowledge to herald an era of inspiration and bliss in this world. The Bhagavad Gita states that this is the greatest service/charity that one can perform.

    ya idam paramam guhyam mad bhaktesv abhidhashyati
    bhaktim mayi param kritva mam evaisyaty asamsayah
    na ca tasman manusyesu kaschin me priya-krttamah
    bhavita na ca me tasmad anyah priya taro bhuvi
    (Bhagavad Gita 18.68-69)

    Translation –
    For one who explains this supreme secret to the devotees, pure devotional service is guaranteed, and at the end he will come back to Me (Krishna). There is no servant in this world more dear to Me than he, nor will there ever be someone more dear.

  • We do not burden any temple or organization for any of our expenses. We are neither involved in the governance or administration of any temple. All expenses are borne entirely by ourselves. Hence we request you to support us generously in this service.
  • The project expenses include -
    a huge annual cost of maintaining this website
    Accommodation and travel costs to the different pilgrimage sites.
    Research and write books
    Unearthing ancient literatures, translating them and disseminating the sacred knowledge for the pleasure of the Lord and His devotees.

  • We distribute free books to various temples and organizations to enable them to preach widely and disseminate the science of Krishna consciousness. As clarified before, the entire expense of this service is borne by us.
    We shall consider your financial assistance as a Gift to us. We sincerely thank you for your Gift and supporting us in this mission. May Lord Gaurahari and Doyal Nitai shower their choicest blessings upon you.

Your insignificant servants,
Dwaipayan De (Diptiman Gaurahari das) & Debdatta De (Diptimayi Vishnupriya devi dasi)
(Admins - The Gaudiya Treasures of Bengal)

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