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Offering unto dear Gurudeva on his 70th Vyasa Puja

The below is our humble offering unto His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaja on his 70th Vyasa Puja

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There was no hope left for us,
Until you mercifully accepted us in your mission
Your presence dispelled all darkness ,O holiness !,
you are an embodiment of compassion

Nitai preaches Gauranga’s glories through you
And the world now knows His fame
‘Gaura Gaura Gaura’ !!! Like Sukhadeva we cannot help now
But chant His holy name

Ignoring limitless pain ,your holiness
You mercifully provide us with your association
A loyal soldier of Mahaprabhu, you continue to fight
Till Goloka, the tales of your valour are sung

Without You, Gurudeva, who could have rescued us?
Who could have shown us the way ?
May we remain eternally attached to your lotus feet,
Unto all previous acharyas we pray

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Our Books now a part of renowned libraries of Eastern India

Hare Krishna,

Pranams , Sri Guru Gauranga jayatah!

We are very pleased to inform you that our books are now a part of more than 20 renowned libraries all over Eastern India. Some of these libraries are more than a 100 years old and have a huge following of loyal readers. The Library authorities were very thankful to receive our books and issued us their acknowledgement letters which expressed their gratitude. As we continue growing our networks, reaching out to more and more enthusiasts and spiritual seekers, we request your participation in this grand festival of book distribution. You can order our books at a subsidized cost (less than MRP) and then distribute it to your nearest libraries/schools/colleges, etc. You can reach out to us at . After all ,Book distribution, is the greatest charity…

Yours in service,
The Gaudiya Treasures of Bengal


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Offered a beautiful Saree unto Jahnava Mata on the eve of the Bengali New Year (1425)

Hare Krishna, Today we offered a beautiful new saree unto our dear Jahnava Mata at Ariadaha patbari (sripat of Gadadhara Das). It is a tradition among Bengalis that we all wear new clothes on the first day of the Bengali new year (Poila Baisakh). Today (14-April-2018) ,being the eve of the Bengali New year – 1425, was the perfect opportunity for us to make this offering unto our beloved mother. On our request ,the temple priest has kindly agreed that Srimati Jahnava devi would adorn the new Saree tomorrow (Poila Baisakh).  We consider ourselves greatly fortunate to have been provided this opportunity.

Read more about Ariadaha Path bari on this link


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Vyasa Puja homage unto Gurudeva (2018 – 69th Vyasa Puja)

The below is our humble offering unto our beloved Gurudeva on his 69th Vyasa Puja.

How fortunate i am to have lived this life,
and be able to try and serve,
How fortunate to have obtained your causeless mercy,
though not possessing anything to deserve

How fortunate to have relished the Lord’s pastimes,
to have tasted its ecstatic nectar,
How much sweeter , how very blissful they become,
when heard from your lips ,O Master.

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