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Mor Kutir (Mayura Kutir), Barsana – Where Radha and Krishna danced as Peacocks

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mor kutir barsana morkuti peacock

Mor kutir (Morkuti) or Mayura kutir is a beautiful temple situated atop a small hill in Barsana. The word ‘Mayura’ means peacock and this temple commemorates the enchanting pastime in which Krishna and Radharani danced as peacocks here at Barsana. Mor kutir is situated within the celebrated forest of Gahvar van that wraps the southeastern side of Brahmagiri Parvata. A beautiful painting depicting Krishna and Radharani dancing as ‘Mayura’ (peacock) is enshrined in this temple. This picture has been painted by an elderly blind Vaishnava who had envisioned this enchanting pastime and had been inspired to paint the same by Srimati Radharani. The elderly Vaishnava was performing his bhajana at this place when he received this transcendental vision, which again reinforces the exalted stature and importance of holy dhams.

Pastimes of Mor kutir

Once while Radharani was experiencing ‘mana’ or lovers’ pique, she reached this place and sat in solitude while sulking. When Krishna reached to comfort Radha, He found her enjoying the dance of a peacock. This made Krishna jealous and with the intent of competing with the peacock, He started dancing as well. When He asked Radha to judge His dancing skills, she voiced that the peacock’s dance was superior to His. Krishna then mystically transformed Himself into a peacock and began dancing. Radha remarked that His dancing had improved but still it was no match to that of a real peacock. She then transformed herself into a peahen and the divine couple danced together extravagantly.

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mor kutir barsana morkuti peacock

Becoming pleased with Krishna, Radharani called out ‘Mor ! Mor !’. The word ‘Mor’ has two meanings. It can refer to ‘Mayur’ (peacock) or it can also refer to ‘mine’. Radharani implied ‘nice peacock’ but Krishna took it to denote ‘mine’. Hence Krishna smilingly stepped forward acknowledging Sri Radhika that He was indeed her’s.

mor kutir barsana morkuti peacock

There is also a different pastime that is said to have transpired at this place. Once while Radha and Krishna were sitting at this spot, hundreds of peacocks surrounded the divine couple and started dancing in an ecstatic mood. The divine couple then also joined them emulating the wonderful dancing motions of the peacocks.

How to Reach

Mor Kutir is situated atop a small hill in Gahvar Van, Chiksauli, in the village of Barsana. On the way from Rasa Mandir to Kushal Bihari Mandir, Mor Kutir is situated atop Vilas Garh Hill. Mor Kutir ashram is located about 57 Kilometers from Mathura Railway station. One can hire a local motorcycle to visit this sacred pastime place.


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