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shatrughna temple maholi mathura

There is a small temple in Maholi dedicated to Shatrughna, the younger brother of Lord Rama, and Shrutakirti, Shatrughna’s wife. Shatrughna, the youngest brother of Rama, was the son of Dasaratha and Sumitra. The deity in this temple dates back to Treta Yuga. It was installed by local brahmanas after Shatrughna conquered Lavanasura and other demons. The cave where Lavanasura used to live is not far from the Shatrughna temple. One needs to carry a torch light to see clearly inside the demon’s cave. The village of Maholi is situated about six Kilometers southwest of Mathura and about four Kilometers west of Naroli. Maholi was earlier known as Madhuvan. It is here at Madhuvan that the Supreme Lord has been manifesting His enchanting pastimes millennium after millennium.

The forest of Madhuvan

Madhuvan is the first of the twelve forests of Vraja Mandala and is situated towards the west of river Yamuna. It has been a place of the Supreme Lord’s pastimes for four yugas. Lord Prsnigarbha appeared to Dhruva Maharaja at Madhuvan during Satya Yuga. The Lord appeared as Shatrughna and killed Lavanasura, son of demon Madhu, here at Madhuvan in Treta Yuga. In Dvapara Yuga, Krishna brought His cows to pasture in the forests of Madhuvan. Krishna also performed Rasa Leela with the Gopis here at Madhuvan. And in Kali Yuga, the Supreme Lord appearing in His golden form as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu visited Madhuvan to perform His Vraja Mandala Parikrama.

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krishna kunda maholi madhuvan shatryghna temple

Bhakti Ratnakara states –

Ohe Srinivasa, ei dekho Madhuvan
Sarvakama purna haya karile darshan

O Srinivasa, Please see the wonderful forest of Madhuvan. One who beholds this wonderful place has all of his desires satisfied.

Adi Varaha Purana states –

Ramyanm Madhuvananm nama Vishnu-sthanamanuttamam
Yad drstva manujo devi sarvan kaman avapnuyath
Tatra kundang svacchha jalang nilotpala bibhusitang
Tatra snanen danen banchhitang folmapnuyath

O Devi ! The sacred pilgrimage site of Madhuvan where Lord Vishnu is worshiped is exceedingly enchanting and the best of all. Anyone who visits or beholds this holy forest has all his desires fulfilled. Here exists a reservoir of transparent water where blue lotus blossoms. One who bathes in this water or donates at this place, certainly achieves all his desires.

Shatrughna kills Lavanasura

In Treta Yuga, a demon named Madhu settled here at Madhuvan. In fact, the forest was named after the demon Madhu. The sages residing in the forest were greatly terrified by Madhu’s monstrosities. After performing severe austerities, Madhu had obtained a mystical trident- which could defeat any human, demon, or demigod in war. With this trident in his possession, Madhu became almost unconquerable. Madhu had a son named Lavanasura who inherited this mystical weapon from his father. Lavanasura was even crueler than his father. The sages of Madhuvan and adjoining areas, being greatly distressed, prayed to Lord Rama in Ayodhya for protection. Lord Rama sent Shatrughna to kill Lavanasura. Rama also gave the Adi Varaha deva deity He had brought from Lanka to protect Shatrughna.

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lavanasura cave maholi mathura

Reaching Madhuvan, Shatrughna waited for an opportune moment to confront Lavanasura. Lavanasura had powerful weapons in his arsenal and was not to be underestimated. Bow and arrows in hand, Shatrughna arrived at the entrance of Lavanasura’s cave at a time when Lavanasura had gone hunting in the woods and had left his trident behind in the cave. Lavanasura soon returned with dead elephants, tigers, snakes, buffaloes, etc. Seeing Lavanasura, Shatrughna challenged him to a fight. A fierce fight ensued. Lavanasura tried to get hold of his trident but before he could do so, Shatrughna severed his head with His bows and arrows. After this, Shatrughna made the nearby city His capital and renamed it ‘Madhupuri’. Madhupuri came to be later known as Mathura.

What to See :

  1. The temple of Shatrughna where deities of Shatrughna and Shrutakirti devi are duly worshiped.
  2. Krishna Kunda – which was created by Krishna striking His flute on the ground.
  3. The cave of Lavanasura.

shatrughna temple maholi mathura

How to Reach :

Shatrughna temple is situated on the bank of Krishna Kunda in the village of Maholi, near Mathura, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. This sacred place is well connected via roads and is located about 5 Kilometers from the Mathura Railway station. Maholi falls under the Mathura Community Development block.

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