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Lord Krishna – the all attractive

radha krishna beauty attractive

#1 The nectarean bodily luster of Krishna is as smooth as an ointment.

#2 His bodily hue resembles the tone of a blue sapphire or a blue lotus flower.

#3 His form is as enchanting as a young fresh Tamala tree or a dense cloud.

#4 He beams as brightly as an emerald.

#5 Lord Krishna is dressed in yellow garments. His body is decorated with garlands of forest flowers and jewelled ornaments. He is the source of all kinds of ecstatic pastimes.

#6 His long curly hair is fragrant with various sweet aromas. His crown is adorned with different kinds of flower garlands.

Lord Krishna’s transcendental enchanting form

#7 Lord Krishna’s charming forehead is embellished with marks of Tilaka.

#8 By the appeal of His bluish, raised eyebrows, He draws the minds of young girls of Vrindavan.

#9 Sri Krishna’s rolling eyes are red and elegant, like a lotus flower.

lord krishna's beauty attractive

#10 The tip of Krishna’s nose is just like Garuda’s beak that heightens the charm of His face.

#11 His charming ears are embellished with jewel-studded earrings. Due to the effulgence radiating from these jewels, His cheeks glow brightly.

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#12 Sri Krishna’s enchanting face is as brilliant as millions of moons. The lower part of His face looks incredible because of His charming smile.

#13 His beautiful neck is adorned with a pearl necklace. His threefold bending form and His broad shoulders enchant the three worlds.

#14 Lord Krishna’s chest is decorated with the most precious Kaustubha gem. He wears necklaces that mirror lightning.

#15 Lord Krishna’s two lotus hands extend down to His knees. His hands are decorated with armlets and bracelets. His palms, which resemble a red lotus, are adorned with the auspicious marks of a club, conch, barley, half-moon, anchor, flag, lotus, sacrificial stand, plow, pitcher, and fish.

#16 The middle part of Krishna’s body is exceedingly attractive. His back and sides are simply wonderful. His waist resembles a perfect lotus flower, His thighs are banana-shaped and His knees are most elegant. His transcendental features provoke the lusty desires of the gopis.

krishna radha gopis lord krishna's beauty attractive

#17 The lotus feet of Krishna, which are studded with jeweled anklets, are decorated with various auspicious marks –  wheel, half-moon, octagon, triangle, barley, sky, umbrella, pitcher, conch, cow’s hood, svastika, anchor, lotus, bow, and blackberry.

#18 Lord Krishna’s toes glow brightly because of the radiance emanating from His moon-like toenails. His beautiful lotus feet are an ocean of transcendental bliss and the ecstatic love of God.

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#19 It is impossible to find a suitable comparison for Sri Krishna’s beauty within this world. However, the above descriptions are simply a hint presented by Sri Rupa Goswami, to satisfy the minds of the devotees.

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