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Jiva (Living entity) and Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead

The living entity is a minute spiritual spark while Sri Krishna is like the great spiritual sun. Realizing that Krishna is eternal , the living entity lovingly adores Him.

The living entity (jiva) under the influence of Maya

Turning his back towards Krishna, the living entity desires sense enjoyment. At this point, Maya, the illusory energy of the Lord, grabs the living entity within her clutches.
Being Maya’s captive, the living entity becomes bewildered and acts like one possessed by a witch.
Forgetting that ,’I am an eternal servant of Sri Krishna’, the living entity becomes a slave of Maya and wanders indefinitely (in this material world).
Sometimes he becomes the King, sometimes the subject,sometimes he is the brahmana, sometimes shudra, sometimes he is sad, sometimes happy, and sometimes he becomes an insignificant insect.
Sometimes he takes birth in the heavens, sometimes on this earth, or sometimes in hell. Sometimes he becomes a demigod, sometimes a demon, sometimes he becomes the servant while sometimes he becomes the master.

Liberation in the association of saints

Wandering throughout the material world in this manner, a few fortunate souls become aware of their true nature and their identity, by associating with the saints.

Realizing his true nature, he no longer desires this material world. He thus laments, ‘Alas ! Why have I been serving this illusory maya for so long?’

Crying bitterly he says  ‘O Krishna ! I am Your servant. Rejecting Your feet , I have become completely ruined’.
Out of His causeless mercy, Krishna relieves the living entity from the clutches of material entanglement, if the living being calls out and appeals to the Lord earnestly, even once.
Leaving Maya behind, the living entity hankers for Sri Krishna. Lovingly worshiping Him and serving Him devotedly, He achieves Lord Krishna’s lotus feet.
Krishna empowers the conditioned living entity with the power of His internal energy (hladini shakti). The attraction of Maya, the illusory energy of the Lord, then gets weakened upon the living entity.
The only desirable thing is to chant the holy name of Lord Krishna in association of the saints. There is no other way to conquer this material illusion.
Giving up all hopes, I ,Jagadananda, Gaura’s eternal servant, am sitting here only aspiring the feet of Lord Gauranga.

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