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Worshipping Lord Gauranga with a sincere and a pure heart

Worship Gauranga ! Worship Gauranga ! Worship Gauranga ! O brother, Lord Gauranga is the original spiritual master of this entire creation.
If you want to worship Lord Gauranga, you need to possess a simple and a sincere heart.Giving up deceit and the tendency to criticize others, worship the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga.
Gauranga knows your innermost thoughts. So how can you possibly cheat Him ?
When your heart becomes pure and sincere, you shall come to understand His teachings.
In the process of satisfying the heart of others, you will only end up cheating yourself.
Lord Gauranga knows your thoughts. How can you hide your heart from Him ?
Lord Gauranga says, ‘Behave like Me and develop a character like Me. Follow my instructions, if you want the best for yourself’.

Deceitful devotion

Merely saying, ‘I belong to Gauranga, I belong to Gauranga’ shall not suffice. Following Lord Gauranga’s life and teachings, and taking it to one’s heart, delivers the real results.
You simply wear a tilaka and make a show of devotion unto Lord Gauranga to impress upon the outsiders. But secretly you commit sins. Lord Gauranga shall certainly catch your thievery.
If you engage in such deceit and hypocrisy, you shall certainly fall down in your spiritual life. Your devotion shall be ruined due to committing offenses against the holy name.
One who commits sins on the strength of chanting the holy name, commits offenses against the holy name.Is there any greater obstacle (to spiritual progress) than making such a show of ‘devotion’  ?
There is no hardship involved in chanting the holy name of the Lord. It is an easily attainable and priceless spiritual treasure. Simply by moving your lips, you can chant the holy name.If even this proves too difficult, then you can atleast certainly remember the holy name.
Even if a person is dumb or he is suffering from some mental aberrations, he can still hear the holy name of the Lord. This alone destroys all of his sins and awards him with his greatest fortune.
As a result of several lifetimes of lovingly worshiping the deity, the holy name of Krishna appears and dances upon one’s tongue.
The paths of fruitive activity (Karma Yoga), speculative knowledge (jnana yoga), or mystic yoga (astanga yoga) do not offer the same spiritual success. The scriptures state that even a little fault in executing these above mentioned processes renders everything null and void.
O brother ! Leave all of these processes and accept the holy name of the Lord as your very life and soul.In this way, you shall be able to conquer over this material world in a very short span of time.

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Kavi Karnapura

Kavi Karnapura, the glorious poet, is a resident of my village. He has made some esoteric revelations concerning the holy name of the Supreme Lord.
One who is a recipient of Lord Gauranga’s mercy becomes renowned all over the world. It is for this reason that at the young age of seven, Kavi Karnapura gained the esteem of a great poet.
All glories to Sivananda Sen, the father of Kavi Karnapura. He had taught me Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam when I was a child.
Sivananda Sen had brought me to Nadia and kept me at the lotus feet of my Lord (Gaurahari). Sivananda has been my savior and guide at times of happiness and distress.
I learned how to cook Bhoga (food offered unto the deities) at his house. By cooking well, I was able to serve Sri Gauranga.
Jagai says,” Only one who spends his days in the association of pure devotees, can incessantly seek refuge in the holy name of the Lord”.

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