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Lord Gauranga’s dancing is eternal

O brother ! Please worship Lord Gauranga, who is my very life. Without Him, the pleasures of life are all meaningless.
Lord Gauranga eternally dances with Nityananda and Advaita Acharya, at Sacidevi’s courtyard in Mayapur, which is located within Navadvipa Mandala.
Being filled with the most sublime ecstatic mood, He dances at the courtyard of Srivasa Pandita. Anyone who sees this wonderful sight, never forgets it.
His dance remains eternally imprinted in my heart, memories of which make my heart cry.
When I see Him dancing in the temple of Lord Jagannatha (in Puri), endless waves of ecstatic emotions arise within my heart.
Will this wretched self ever witness the wondrous dancing sankirtana of Lord Gauranga upon the shore of the Ganges again?

All demigods and demigoddesses are the servants of Lord Gauranga

Worship the feet of Lord Gauranga with utmost sincerity and devotion. Never worship other demigods and demigoddesses.
Always remember that other demigods and demigoddesses are the servitors of Lord Gauranga. Never think that Lord Gauranga and Lord Krishna are different personalities.
Understand that your Gurudeva is a recipient of Lord Gauranga’s mercy. The associates of Lord Gauranga are different limbs of the Lord’s body.
Those who are opposed to the divinity of Lord Gauranga are simply nourishers of Rasa. Understand that everyone is a servant of Lord Gauranga.

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Attachment unto Lord Gauranga’s service

Never engage in criticizing or gossiping about others. Exclusively worship the feet of Lord Gauranga with all steadfastness. Chant the holy name that Lord Gauranga has taught and by doing so you shall derive the benefit of chanting all the other holy names.
Lord Gauranga is the original spiritual master of this material world. Instruct everyone to practice simple unalloyed devotion unto Lord Gauranga.
Abandon your deceit, crookedness and purify your mind. Serving Lord Gauranga and society at the same time is meaningless.
Either cultivate devotion unto Gauranga or else serve the society. These two cannot be done simultaneously.
Jagai says, ‘If you do not execute exclusive single-minded devotion (unto Lord Gauranga) then the predicament of crossing a river standing upon two boats shall befall upon you’.

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