Nimai spoils Murari Gupta’s lunch | Nimai’s rage | Mischievous Nimai – Part 3

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Nimai’s fit of Rage :

One day, before going to bathe, Lord Chaitanya revealed His desire to worship mother Ganges. Hence He asked for a nice flower garland and some sandalwood paste from His mother. Saci devi requested Nimai to wait for some time as she would have to go and bring the requisite puja paraphernalia. As soon as Nimai discovered that it would take some time to procure the garland, He grew enraged.

Janani kahen – ‘Baap shuno mon diya,
Khaneka apeksha kara , mala ani giya’
‘Ani giya’ yei matra shunila vachana
Krodhe rudra hailen Saci-ra nandana

Mother Saci replied -’My dear, please hear attentively. Please wait for sometime as I go and bring the flower garlands’. As soon as Nimai heard the words ‘Let me go and bring’, He became enraged. He appeared as angry as Rudra (Lord Shiva).
(Chiatanya Bhagavat, Adi, 8.129-130)

Entering His room, an enraged Nimai began breaking all of the stored water pots. Then, taking a stick in His hands, He smashed all the other containers He could find. Even pots containing oil, ghee and salt could not escape Nimai’s fury.

Chhoto boro ghare yata chhilo ‘ghat’ nama
Saba bhangilen ichhamoy Bhagavan

All the pots in the house, whether it be small or big, were broken by the will of Nimai, the Supreme personality of Godhead.
(Chaitanya Bhagavata, Adi, 8.134)

Mother Saci had stored dry food within bags that were dangling from the ceiling. Nimai pulled these down and dispersed their contents. He even tore to pieces whatever clothes He could find in the house. When nothing else remained, He began battering the doors and windows. Even the tree in the courtyard bore the brunt of His stick. Finally, without feeling any remorse, the Lord started beating the ground with His stick. Being scared, Saci devi hid within the house. But of course, the Lord, who is the upholder of religious principles, would never raise His hand upon His mother.

Nimai seethed with anger and rolled over in His courtyard. As a result, His effulgent blissful body became overlaid with dust. The beauty of this charming sight cannot be expressed in mere words. At last, Nimai grew calm. Summoning His yoga Maya potency, Lord Viswambhara entered Yoga-Nidra (sleep) lazing upon the hard ground. The Supreme Lord, who sleeps upon Ananta Sesha in the causal oceans, whose lotus feet are incessantly served by Goddess Lakshmi, now rests peacefully inside mother Saci’s courtyard. The Supreme Lord whose glories are widely sung by the four Vedas, from whose bodily pores emanate endless universes and the unending cosmic manifestations, one who is the Supreme master of creation, maintenance, and annihilation – that same Lord now sleeps like a little boy in the courtyard of mother Saci. Observing that same Supreme Personality of Godhead lying upon that hard ground stirred mixed emotions of delight and sorrow amongst the various demigods.

Saci Mata arrived with a garland that is used for worshiping the Ganges and placed it next to her sleeping son. Cleansing the dust from His tender body, Saci Mata raised Nimai and urged Him to go and worship the Ganges. She expressed that whatever just happened must have thrown out all inauspiciousness from Nimai’s body. Hence His act of smashing everything to pieces must be auspicious. Feeling embarrassed, little Vishwambhara left for the Ganges while Saci Mata tidied the house and prepared to cook. Although Saci Mata underwent so much trouble, she never felt any repentance. Just as mother Yashoda tolerated an exceedingly restless Krishna, similarly mother Saci happily endured an exceedingly mischievous Nimai. 

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When Nimai returned, mother Saci enquired from Him the reason behind so much waste and destruction? The house with all of its stored food belonged to Nimai, she explained. So any wastage was His own loss, she tried to convey. Sri Chaitanya smiled and replied, ‘Krishna is the maintainer and He would take care of us’. After finishing His studies in the evening, the Lord strolled along the shore of the Ganges. When He returned home, He handed over two tolas of Gold to His mother. Saci devi was astounded beyond belief. Nimai said,’ Look, mother, Lord Krishna has given me this wealth. Sell this and purchase whatever you need’. Mother Saci gaped, ‘ Where does He get gold from? Whenever there is any shortage in the house, He brings gold’. Saci devi apprehended that this was going to put them in some problem. ‘Does He borrow it or does He conceive it by His mystic potency?’ , She wondered.

kandarpad api sundarah surasarit purad aho pavanah
sitamsor api shitalah sumadhuroh madhvika sarad api
data kalpa mahiruhad api maha snigdho jananya api
premna Gaura harih kada nu hrdi me dhyatuh padah dhasyati
(Chaitanya Chandramrita, Text 72)

When will Lord Gaurahari, who is unlimitedly more beautiful than Cupid, infinitely more purifying than the celestial Ganges, more soothing than millions of moons, sweeter than madhavika nectar, more charitable and generous than the celestial desire creepers, and more affectionate than millions of mothers , appear in my meditation and lovingly place His lotus feet upon my heart ?

Nimai spoils Murari Gupta’s lunch

One day, Murari Gupta (the incarnation of Hanumana) visited Navadvipa accompanied by his followers. Murari was an Ayurveda doctor by profession. While walking down the road, Murari Gupta and his friends discussed Yoga-Shastras. Nimai and His friends, walking directly behind Murari, began ridiculing him by impersonating his gestures and his style of speaking. Murari looked questioningly at mischievous Nimai and then proceeded with his conversation. Lord Viswambhara and His friends increased their mocking which further infuriated Murari Gupta. Murari rebuked, ‘Who says that this boy is well-behaved? I know Him to be the son of Jagannatha Misra. I hear His glories everywhere. His name is Nimai’. Hearing these harsh words, Lord Gaurahari apparently became angry only to shower His causeless mercy upon Murari Gupta, His eternal associate. Lord Viswambhara raised His eyebrows and frowningly responded, ‘I shall make you realize something when you have your meal today’. Murari was confused with Mahaprabhu’s response and returned home soon. Later, Murari grew engrossed with his household work and forgot about this episode.

Meanwhile, Nimai dressed opulently concealing His identity. An elegant cloth embellished His hips while His hair was joined using a triple topknot. Tulasi beads ornamented His neck while strands of pearls enhanced the beauty of His chest. His eyes were emphasized with black kajal and various golden ornaments glittered effulgently from His ecstatic body. Attiring ankle bells on His feet and holding laddus prepared from condensed milk in His hand, Lord Viswambhara proceeded towards Murari’s residence.

Nayane kajara-rekha, panchthhupi bandhe shikha
Jhalamala hema alankara
Charane magara kharu, hathe kari khira-laddu
Chalila Thakura Viswambhara
(Chaitanya Mangala, Adi, 382)

Murari Gupta was having his lunch when Mahaprabhu entered his room. He cried out Murari’s name in a thundering voice. Murari recognized Nimai’s voice and recollected that He had previously warned him about something happening during lunch. When Murari got up and questioned Him , Nimai replied,’O! please don’t get up. I am here. Please resume your meal’. Little Nimai then slowly approached Murari and all of a sudden, He passed urine on his plate. ‘What! What are you doing? Shame! Shame on you!’, exclaimed a startled Murari as he got up. Clapping His hands, Lord Gauranga responded, ‘Why have you abandoned devotion and adopted the path of Yoga? You should quit the paths of Karma (fruitive activities), Jnana (dry speculation) and worship Lord Krishna with all your heart. Try to become a Rasika devotee (one who relishes the nectarean mellows of divine love). One whose sight is impaired with materialism cannot worship Lord Krishna and owns a degraded intelligence’. Lord Gauranga added, ‘ Krishna is supremely merciful and supremely powerful. He is the eternal being and the very life of the gopis of Vrindavana. Why do you hurt Him by not worshiping Him ?’ Saying this Lord Gaurahari suddenly vanished from Murari’s sight.

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Murari realized that the boy was none other than the mischievous son of mother Saci. He decided to walk to the house of Jagannatha Misra to confirm his presumption. Being overwhelmed with ecstasy, he could not walk properly. Reaching Nimai’s house, Murari Gupta found that Jagannatha Misra and Saci devi were playing with their son. They affectionately addressed,‘O Nimai ! you are our only treasure. Whatever our pains- they are all alleviated solely by gazing at Your moon-like face’. Saying this they caressed little Nimai’s cheeks and tried to make Him sit upon their laps. When Murari arrived, Sri Jagannatha Misra and Saci devi greeted him, but Murari could not say anything to them, as he was overwhelmed with transcendental bliss. Murari kept gazing at the moonlike face of Lord Gaurangasundara. Signs of ecstasy pervaded his body. Tears of love flowed down his eyes. He could only mumble half-words. He fell at the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga and repeatedly offered his respectful obeisances.

Observing all this, Lord Viswambhara ascended His mother’s lap and acted as if He did not comprehend what was happening. When Saci Mata requested Murari Gupta to bless Nimai, Murari smilingly replied, ‘Nimai is not an ordinary child. Instead, He is the Supreme Lord and the master of all demigods. You shall soon realize that the boy you are nourishing now is none other than the Supreme Personality of Godhead. There is no one as fortunate as yourself in the entire creation. Take care of Him and protect Him’. Saying this, Murari left Jagannatha Misra’s house with a jubilant heart.

Balak lalichha kachhe, iha to janibe pachhe
Tor sama nahi bhagyavan
Sambari rakhiho mon e, ei mor vachane
Viswambhara sei bhagavan
(Chaitanya Mangala, Adi, 399)

Being flooded with waves of transcendental ecstasy, Murari arrived at the residence of Advaita Acharya. Falling at His lotus feet, Murari said, ‘You are the greatest devotee and you can fulfill all desires. Just now, I beheld a wonderful boy. His name is Nimai Pandita Viswambhara and He is the son of Jagannatha Misra. He joyfully plays with other children just like an ordinary boy but He is completely transcendental to this material world’. Hearing this Sri Advaita Gosai, the best of the brahmanas, roared loudly and exclaimed, ‘Listen Murari, this is the greatest secret. Nimai is none other than the Supreme brahman. He is the reservoir of all rasas (transcendental mellows) and the embodiment of divine beauty’. Saying this Sri Advaita and Murari embraced each other and forgot themselves with joy. The Supreme Master of the entire creation has now descended upon the earth to shower His causeless mercy upon all.

Kripa-sindhuh sandhyaruna-ruchi- vicitrambara-dharoj-
Jvalah purna-premamrita-maya-maha-jyotir amalah
Saci-garbha-ksirabmbudhhi-bhava udaradbhuta-kalah
Kalanathah sriman udayatu tava svanta nabhasi
(Chaitanya Chandramrita, Text 15)

Creating great tidal waves in the great ocean of causeless mercy, being splendidly dressed in wonderful and astonishing saffron garments that are as glorious as the sunrise, and glowing with the nectar of pure ecstatic love, may the handsome and wonderful moon of Lord Chaitanya, who has arisen from the supremely pure milk ocean of mother Saci’s womb, enter the sky of your heart.


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