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Text 26

Mayapur dakshinangshe Jahnavira tate
Sarasvati sangamera atiba nikate
Ishodyan nama upavana subistara
Sarvada bhajana-sthana hauka amara

Translation –
To the south of Mayapur, on the bank of the Ganges, very near to its confluence with river Sarasvati, lies a huge garden known as Ishodyan (the Lord’s garden). May this always be the place of my meditation.

Purport – 

Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura could behold the Garden of his beloved Gauranga, in his state of bhava samadhi. This transcendental garden, which he calls ‘Ishodyan’ lies south of Mayapur, near the confluence of river Ganga and Sarasvati. Lord Gauranga eternally performs His enchanting pastimes over here in Ishodyan. As described in the subsequent verses, Ishodyan is replete with wonderful trees and chirping birds, who constantly sing the glories of Lord Gauranga. There is also a beautiful lake and a temple which adorns this transcendental garden. The temple is bedecked with gold, diamonds, blue and yellow sapphires.One who is not a perfected soul, or one who has not been blessed by Sri Guru and Gauranga, cannot behold this phenomenal place. Instead, they can only see a place overgrown with thorns and which is periodically thrown into disruption by the flooding rivers.

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Text 27

Ye vane amara prabhu Sri Saci-Nandana
Madhyanne karena leela laye bhaktajana
Vana shobha heri , Radha-Krishna pare mone
Se sab sphuruk sada amara nayane

Translation –

Seeing the splendour of the grove in which my Lord, Sri Sacinandana (Gauranga), performs His midday pastimes along with His devotees, I am reminded of Sri Radha and Krishna. May all these places be eternally visible to my eyes.

Text 28

Vanaspati Krishna lata nibira darsana
Nana pakshi gaya tatha Gaura-guna-gana
Sarovara sri mandira ati shobha taay
Hiranya hiraka neel pitamani bhaya

Translation –

Within this Grove, the trees and the dark vines appear very dense. Various types of birds sing songs glorifying Lord Gauranga. The lake and the temple appear exceedingly beautiful being inlaid with gold, diamonds, blue and yellow sapphires.

Text 29

Bahirmukha jana Mayamugdha ankhi-dvaye
Kabhu nahi dekhe sei upavana-chaye
Dekhe matra kantaka abrita bhumikhanda
Tatini-vanyara bege sada landabhanda

Translation –

Those who are averse to the Lord, having their eyes bewildered with material illusion, can never behold these groves. They can only see a piece of land ,that is covered with thorns, and periodically thrown into disruption by the flooding rivers.

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