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Text 20
Tahara paschime Jahnu tanayar tata
Sri Ganga-nagara name prasiddha kharva-vata
Yatha Gangadasa grihe vidya-anushilana
Karilen prabhu mor laye dvija-jana
Translation –
To the west ,on the bank of river Ganges, lies the famous village of Ganga Nagara. It was here at the house of Gangadasa Pandita, that Lord Gauranga studied along with His young brahmana friends.
Purport –
Ganga Nagara lies on the borders of Antardvipa and this town was founded by King Bhagiratha of the Raghu dynasty. King Bhagiratha, by dint of his severe penances, had caused the descent of mother Ganges from the heavens to the earth. This is why mother Ganga is sometimes also referred to as Bhagirathi. King Bhagiratha had caused Ganga to descend to this world in order to perform the Shraddha (last rites) of his ancestors. Anyways, King Bhagiratha blew his conch shell and went ahead to show the way, while mother Ganga followed him. But when they reached Navadvipa dham, mother Ganga stopped flowing. Bhagiratha turned back to see that Ganga devi had stopped flowing onward. Bhagiratha became fearful and meditated to learn the reason for this. Being satisfied, Maa Ganga revealed that Navadvipa was the eternal abode of He, from whose feet she had emanated. It was the month of Magha and she wanted to reside there in the dham till Phalguna Purnima. She added that all her desires would become fulfilled in Navadvipa mandala. Maa Ganga revealed that Phalguna Purnima was the appearance day of Her Lord (Lord Gauranga) and she would observe a vow on that day. She reassured Bhagiratha that she would again start flowing after Phalguna Purnima. Thus King Bhagiratha stayed there in the town Ganga Nagara till Phalguna Purnima and continued on his journey thereafter.
Lord Nityananda had revealed to Jiva Goswami that anyone who stays in Ganganagara on Phalguna Purnima , fasts, bathes in the Ganges and worships Lord Gauranga, shall surely attain the spiritual world along with thousands of His ancestors, after he leaves his body, irrespective of where he passes away.
How to Reach : It is believed that Ganganagara was located in the open fields next to the Sridham mayapur sub post office. The Ganges used to flow by this place 500 years ago. This locality is now known as ‘Ghosh para’.



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