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Text 21
Bharadvaja-tila tatha dekhite sundara
Gaura bhaji yatha Bharadvaja muni vara
Lobhiya Chaitanya prema sutra prakashila
Kata-shata bahirmukha jane bhakti dila
Translation –
There is a lovely hill known as Bharadvaja Tila, which is beautiful to behold. It was here that Bharadvaja muni had worshipped and meditated upon Lord Gauranga hankering for His divine ecstatic love. Upon receiving it, the sage composed scriptural verses that were instrumental in bestowing the gift of divine love upon thousands of averse souls.
Purport –
This village where Bharadvaja Muni had obtained darsana of Lord Gauranga is now known as ‘Bharuidanga’. This village was named after Bharadvaja Muni, but over time the pronunciation became convoluted.So instead of Bharadvaja Tila the place is now known as ‘Bharuidanga’. Bharadvaja muni had come over here after visiting Ganga sagara and meditated upon Lord Gaurachandra. Being satisfied, the Lord appeared before him and blessed him.
How to Reach : This place is not very far from the birthplace of Lord Gauranga at Yogpeeth, in Mayapur. Infact one can walk for a few minutes from Yogpeeth to reach Bharadvaja tila. One has to take the small village road ,next to the Sridham mayapur sub post office, to reach here. Bharadvaja Tila is situated adjacent to the Jagai Madhai Ghat.

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