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Text 119-120
Ki dekhilun Gaura-rupa aparupa thham
Ki dekhilun sakaruna aruna nayan
Ki dekhilun amiya adhika parakash
Ki dekhilun srimukher madhurima hash

Translation –
(Narada Muni thought) ‘O what an unparalleled beautiful form have I just seen in the form of Lord Gauranga. O what wonderful compassionate eyes ,that appear reddish like the rising sun, did I just see. O what a profuse expression ,that is even sweeter than nectar, did I see. O What a sweet smile did I see on His beautiful face’.

Purport –
The beauty of Lord Gaurasundara is beyond description. Even Lord Ananta with His thousands of mouths cannot completely glorify the Lord’s blissful magnanimous form. Navadvipa is the supreme spiritual abode where Lord Gaurahari eternally enjoys His sankirtana pastimes along with His associates.
bhai re bhaja mor pranera Gauranga
gaura vina britha sab jivanera ranga
(Jagadananda pandita says) O brother ! Please worship Lord Gauranga, the Very Lord of my heart. Without Gauranga, all the happenings of one’s life are worthless.
(Sri Prema Vivarta)
Srila Vrindavana das Thakura glorifies the wonderful blissful form of Lord Gaurahari in one of his bhajans :
Madanamohana tanu Gauranga Sundara
Lalate Tilakashova urdhhe mahohara
Trikachha vasana shobhe kutila kuntala
Ayata nayana dui parama chanchala
Shukla-yajna-suta shobhe beriya sarire
Suksha-rupe ananta ye heno kalebare
Adhare tambula hashe adhara chapiya
Jaun Vrindavana Dasa se rupa nichiha
Translation) –
The exquisitely beautiful body of Lord Gauranga is more enchanting than that of a cupid. His forehead is adorned with a glistening Vaishnava tilaka.
He wears wonderful clothes which are tucked at three places (example- dhoti) with His hairs curled all over His head. His large eyes are very restless.
Manifesting a very slender subtle form Lord Ananta has become a white sacred thread that adorns Gauranga’s beautiful body.
Upon His lips rest a tambula and a gentle half smile.
Seeing this wonderful form, Vrindavana das worships Him.
Glorifying Lord Gauranga’s exquisitely beautiful form and ecstatic mood, Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati sings in Chaitanya Chandramrita :
Kripa-sindhuh sandhyaruna-ruchi- vicitrambara-dharoj-
Jvalah purna-premamrita-maya-maha-jyotir amalah
Saci-garbha-ksirabmbudhhi-bhava udaradbhuta-kalah
Kalanathah sriman udayatu tava svanta nabhasi
(Chaitanya Chandramrita,
Text 15)
 Creating great tidal waves in the great ocean of causeless mercy, being splendidly dressed in wonderful and astonishing saffron garments that are as glorious as the sunrise, and glowing with the nectar of pure ecstatic love, may the handsome and wonderful moon of Lord Chaitanya, who has arisen from the supremely pure milk ocean of mother Saci’s womb, enter the sky of your heart.

Text 121-122
Yata yata avatara saba haite sar
Kabhu nahi dekhi heno premar bhandar
Safal janam din, safal nayan
Ki dekhilun Gaura rupa , prasanna bayan

Translation –
(Narada muni continued) ‘Of all the Lord’s incarnations , Lord Gauranga is the best. I have never ever seen such a reservoir of pure ecstatic love. My life has become successful, my eyes have borne fruit, as today I have been able to behold the beautiful form of Lord Gauranga with His pleasant, blissful, smiling face’.

Purport –
These words are very significant as they are spoken by Narada Muni, who is a very close associate of the supreme Lord, and who has had darsana of the Supreme Lord in His other forms like Krishna and Narayana, on several previous occasions.
Along with His associates, Sri Chaitanya had manifested the most blissful , heart rending pastimes that have been ever witnessed in human history. In fact, some of the eternal associates of the Lord have experienced a greater degree of transcendental ecstasy being part of the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya, as compared to being part of Sri Krishna’s vrindavana pastimes. Lord Gaurahari freely gives what no other incarnation of the Supreme Lord has ever given before – the ecstatic pure love of God. He does not consider one’s qualifications or background or pedigree before bestowing this supreme gift upon them, receiving which one achieves the ultimate perfection of his human life .He is the essence of all the other incarnations of the Supreme – ‘Avatara sar Gaura avatara’.
Ati aparupa leela prakashila prabhu
Chari yuge adbhut katha nahi shune kabhu
(Chaitanya Mangala , 1.94)
– Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had manifested the most wonderful incomparable pastimes, never heard before in any of the four yugas.
Srila Prabodhananda sarasvati explains in Chaitanya Chandramrita why Lord Gauranga is avatara sar :
Rakso-daitya-kulam hatam kiyad idam yogadi-vartma-kriya-
Margo va prakati-kritah kiyad idam sristy adhikam va kiyat
Mediny-uddharanadikam kiyad idam premojjvalaya maha-
Bhakter vartma-karim param bhagavatas Chaitanya-murtim stumah
 (Chaitanya Chandramrita,
Text 7)

What benefit did the world derive when the incarnations of the supreme Lord like Ramachandra, Nrsimha, and many others killed so many raksasa and Daityas ? What was the benefit derived when Lord kapila and other incarnations reveal the paths of sankhya and yoga ? Is it of great glory that Lord Brahma and other guna-avataras create, maintain and destroy the material universes ? How auspicious is it that Lord Varahadeva lifted and rescued the earth from the garbhodaka ocean ? We do not consider these pastimes to be so important. The most important of all things is that Lord Chaitanya has revealed the great splendour of pure ecstatic love for Himself. Let us glorify that Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Sri Narahari Sarkara, Raghunandana and Mukunda das could not help but disobey the orders of Lord Chaitanya during the Rathayatra in Puri, and glorify Mahaprabhu instead of glorifying Krishna.
Actually, under the instructions of Sri Chaitanya, all the other groups performed kirtana, which greatly glorified Sri Krishna. However, being exceedingly attached to Sri Gaurasundara, the devotees of Srikhanda, were not able to abide by Mahaprabhu’s orders completely. Not being able to control their earnest desires to glorify Lord Gaurasundara, they engaged in an ecstatic Gaura-kirtana, which greatly praised the unending qualities of Sacinandana.
This is one of the greatest qualities of a devotee of the Supreme Lord that he can only see his beloved worshipable Lord everywhere (sthavara jangama dekhe, na dekhe taar murti, sarvatra haya nija ishta deva sphurti) and wants to engage in his service. The devotees of Srikhanda were more attached to Lord Gaurasundara that they were to Lord Krishna. Though Lord Krishna and Lord Gauranga are one and the same person, yet the two are different when it comes to their mood, nature and their magnanimity. Sri Mukunda, Narahari and Raghunandana were more attached to the form of the supreme Lord as Gaurahari ,than they were to His form as Krishna. Hence Gauranga-bhajana was their choice of worshipping the supreme.
khandera sampradaya kaare anyatra kirtana
Narahari nache tahan sri Raghunandana
(Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita, Madhya, 13.46)
A similar pastime is recorded in ‘Sri Prema Vivarta’ composed by Jagadananda pandita. One day while Jagadananda was engrossed in enjoying playful pastimes with Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Lord entered the deep forests and then the bank of river Ganga. Jagadananda and Gadadhara pandita quickly followed Him. A splendid parrot perched on a fragrant Bakula tree observed their movements. The parrot was none other than Srila Sukadeva Goswami, the son of Srila Vyasadeva who also intensely hankers to reside in Navadvipa. Mahaprabhu caught hold of the parrot and requested it to sing the glories of Sri Radha and Krishna. Mahaprabhu, who always remained engrossed in the mood of being a devotee of Lord Krishna, always instructed others to chant the names and glories of Sri Krishna. But the devotees of Lord Chaitanya, know that there is no difference between Lord Gauranga and Lord Krishna (Sri Krishna Chaitanya ,Radha Krishna Nahe anya). And most of Mahaprabhu’s associates find the magnanimous pastimes of Lord Gauranga to be even more blissful and more ecstatic than even those of Krishna’s Vrindavana pastimes.So they cannot help themselves, but disobey Mahaprabhu’s orders to glorify Krishna, and they glorify Sri Gauranga instead.
So in this wonderful pastime, Sukadeva Goswami, who had appeared in the form of this parrot, disobeyed Mahaprabhu and began singing ‘Gaura ! Gaura !’. Feigning anger the Lord threw the parrot away but internally He became very pleased. When Mahaprabhu asked the parrot again to sing glories of Radha and Krishna, the parrot replied that Vrindavana had become Navadvipa and Radha and Krishna had revealed themselves as Gaurahari. The parrot added that he resided in that forest and chanted the glories of Lord Gauranga. Gadadhara (the incarnation of Srimati radharani) and Gauranga were the two Lords of his life.
Gadai Gauranga mora pranera isvara
Anya kichu mukhe na aise atahpara
Gadadhara and Gauranga were the Lord of his life. He could not glorify anyone else with his mouth.
In Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata as well, it has been mentioned how Nityananda Prabhu always chants the glories and blissful pastimes of Lord Gauranga and makes all of His associates and followers do the same as well.
Nirabadhi sri Krishna Chaitanya sankirtana
Karayen karen laiya bhaktagana
(Chaitanya Bhagavata 3.5.329)
So it is very important for us to worship Lord Gauranga.The more we do this regularly, the more we cleanse our consciousness which further helps in reviving our spontaneous faith and devotion unto Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.One who meditates and contemplates upon Mahaprabhu’s ecstatic form and His enchanting blissful pastimes ,is very quickly cleansed of all material contaminations.We should read atleast one of Lord Gaurahari’s pastimes in a day, contemplate upon it and preach it to any person we desire. The next day we can Read,contemplate and preach a different pastime of Lord Gaurasundara.In this way we would purify our consciousness and progress very quickly in devotion. Our genuine love and devotion towards Mahaprabhu ,His qualities and His pastimes, shall determine our spiritual progress.
The Navadvipa dham mahatmya states –
‘ara eka gudha katha suna sarva jana, kali jive yogya vastu Gaura leela dhana’
Please hear the most confidential secret. The most suitable thing for the conditioned souls in this age of Kali, is the supreme treasure of Lord Gauranga’s pastimes.
Worshipping and contemplating upon Lord Gauranga’s name, form, pastimes and glories should be the sole objective of our lives. We should understand that Gauranga Prema(love) is the highest practice of spirituality and the very essence of one’s existence.
As Srila Narahari Sarkara Thakura sings :
mana re! kaha na gauranga katha
O mind, please constantly speak about the glories of Lord Gauranga !!! This is my advice to you.
Gaurara nama amiyara dhama,
piriti murati data
Gauranga’s Holy Name is the supreme abode of all nectar and the personified bestower of unalloyed love and attachment to the supreme Lord.
sayane Gaura svapane Gaura,
Gaura nayanera tara
jivane gaura marane Gaura,
gaura galara hara
Remember Lord Gauranga while you are asleep, contemplate upon Him in Your dreams. He is the exclusive star and the vision of my eyes.
Gauranga is my life and I will hold onto Gauranga at the time of my death. gauranga is the priceless necklace that adorns my neck.
hiyara majhare Gauranga rakhiye, virale vasiya rabo
manera sadhete se rupa-candere, nayane nayane thobo
Keeping Gauranga within my heart ,I will relish His association sitting in a solitary place. Thus I will fix my mind on His supremely enchanting form and I will gaze into Lord Gauranga’s exquisitely beautiful eyes.
Gaura vihane na vanchi parane,
Gaura korechi sara
Gaura boliya jauka jivane,
kichu na cahibo ara
Without Gauranga’s association I do not desire to maintain this body or live in this world. Lord Gauranga is the very essence of my existence. I wish to give up my life singing Lord Gauranga’s name and glories– I ask for nothing else in this world.
Gaura gamana, Gaura gathana,
Gaura mukhera hamsi
Gaura-piriti, Gaura murati,
hiyaya rahalo pasi
May Lord Gauranga’s graceful movements, Lord Gauranga’s splendid features and characteristics, Lord Gauranga’s sweet smiling face, love and attachment for Lord Gauranga’s glories and pastimes, and Lord Gauranga’s nectarean delicate form – all of Them spontaneously enter and manifest in my heart at every moment
Gauranga dharama, Gauranga karama,
Gauranga vedera sara
Gaura charane, parana samarpinu,
Gaura karibena para
Worshipping Gauranga is my only Dharma or religion, Gauranga is the only object or goal of all my endeavours and Lord Gauranga’s bhajana (loving worship) is the very essence of all the Vedic scriptures. I completely surrender my life, mind, body, heart and soul at Lord Gauranga’s lotus feet. I am fully certain that Lord Gauranga shall deliver me from this great ocean of material existence.
Gaura sabda Gaura sampada,
jahara hiyaya jage
narahari dasa tara carane,
sarana mage
Gauranga’s holy Name, form, glories and pastimes are the exclusive treasures for that fortunate person in whose heart Lord Gauranga manifests Himself by His causeless mercy. Narahari dasa prays and begs to be able to take shelter at the lotus feet of such an exalted devotee.

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Text 123-124
E heno karunanidhi kabhu nahi dekhi
Pasharite nari hiya chiyaila ankhi
Chintite chintite muni chali jaya pathe
Naimisharanya-e dekha Uddhavera sathe

Translation –
(Narada muni continued) ‘I have never before seen such a reservoir of mercy. My heart can never forget him. My eyes yearn to see Him again and again.’ Thinking in this manner, the sage continued on his path. On reaching Naimisharanya, he met with Uddhava.

Text 125-126
Uddhava sambhrame uthi padya arghya diya
Dandavat kare bhume charane poriya
Shuvodin heno mane apnake dhanya
Shuvo khane ailun muin Naimisharanya

Translation –
Uddhava rose and respectfully received Narada muni with water to bathe his feet and the paraphernalia to worship him. Uddhava offered his respectful obeisances by falling upon the ground like a stick before Narada’s feet. Uddhava thought, ‘This is an auspicious day and i consider myself greatly fortunate for having arrived at a very auspicious moment at Naimisharanya’.

Text 127-128
Narada tuliya kaila garoh alingana
Chumbana kariya laila mastakera ghran
Uddhava aniya dila asana basite
Nija manah-katha kahe hashite hashite

Translation –
Narada picked up Uddhava and deeply embraced him,kissed him on his forehead, and smelled his head.Uddhava brought a seat for Narada and then smilingly, revealed his mind unto the sage.

Text 129-130
Safala janama mor din svatantara
Ek nibediu chira bedana antara
Puruvete vyasa ei naimisharanye
Veda vichariya jadya na ghuchila mane

Translation –
(Uddhava said) ‘My life is successful and this day is glorious. I shall now reveal to you a desire that has long pained my heart.Previously ,over here in naimisharanya, Vyasa deva had compiled the vedas. But still he received no satisfaction in his heart’.

Text 131-132
Taba parashade katha nigura shunila
Lok nistarana hetu bhagavata kaila
Tumi matra tattva-vetta prabhu tattva jano
Bujhiya thakura mana bhavishya bakhano

Translation –
(Uddhava continued) ‘Listening to your confidential instructions and by the grace of your mercy, Srila Vyasadeva then compiled Srimad Bhagavatam to deliver the people. You (Narada) alone possess the knowledge of the Absolute truth. You understand the heart of the supreme personality of Godhead. Please tell me about the future’.

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Text 133-134
Kaliyuge lokera nistara kaila mane
Papavrita loka andha hridoy nayane
Satya, treta, dvapare lokera dharma jani
Ghor kaliyuge ara nahi paap bini

Translation –
(Uddhava continued) ‘My heart yearns to deliver the people in this age of kali. Being absorbed in their sinful life, the people have become blinded in their hearts and eyes. In the previous yugas of Satya, Treta and Dvapara, people knew of religion. But in this intense age of Kali, people know of nothing but impiety’.

Purport –
The age of kali is an age of quarrel and hypocrisy. This is an age when people will abandon all of their good qualities, noble principles and live only for the satisfaction of their belly and genitals. It is mentioned in the Vedic scriptures how the religious principles in the previous ages sustained themselves by the practice of austerity, cleanliness, mercy and truthfulness of its people. In this age of kali however, the practices of austerity, cleanliness and mercy would wane one by one. The last supporting pillar of truthfulness, would also fade away as the age gradually progresses.
According to Vedic astrology, Kali yuga began about 5000 years ago on February the 18th 3102 BC. The duration of this age is 432000 years. As the age progresses, the conditions for the survival of human beings is going to deteriorate even further. This is already evident in today’s world. According to the data from UN, the crime rate has been increasing year on year across the world. Murder, Rape,genocide, etc are all on the rise. This is happening inspite of the so called advancement of our material civilization. So though we might be making progress in fields of science, gadgets and technologies, yet we are slowly losing ourselves as far as our humanity is concerned. The degradation of human conscience and a rampant rise of inhuman values is a symptom of Kali yuga.
The only hope we have is to seek the causeless mercy of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. His name, form, glories and pastimes shall easily nullify the effects of this age and fill our hearts with the treasure of love of God, which is otherwise very rarely achieved even in the previous yugas, wherein the conditions for spiritual practices are much better.
Yata yata avatara saba haite sar
Kabhu nahi dekhi heno premar bhandar
Safal janam din, safal nayan
Ki dekhilun Gaura rupa , prasanna bayan
(Chaitanya Mangala , 2.121-122)
 (Narada muni says) ‘Of all the Lord’s incarnations , Lord Gauranga is the best. I have never ever seen such a reservoir of pure ecstatic love. My life has become successful, my eyes have borne fruit, as today I have been able to behold the beautiful form of Lord Gauranga with His pleasant, blissful, smiling face’.

Text 135-136
Daya kari kaha yadi ghuchao sandeho
Tomara adhik ara daya-banta keho
Hashiya kahoye muni antara ullash
Bhalo sudhaile he Uddhava haridasa

Translation –
(Uddhava continued) ‘Please mercifully resolve my doubts. There is no one who is more compassionate than you’. Smiling, and with a jubilant heart, Narada replied, ‘O Uddhava, O servant of Lord Hari, the question you asked is very good’.

Text 137-138
Parama nigura katha kahi tor sane
Aichhana achhila shok bara mor mane
Ekhone janila muin, kaliyuga dhanya
Kali-lok bahi dhanya ara nahi anya

Translation –
(Narada continued) ‘I shall reveal to you a most confidential subject. Not long ago, I felt a great sorrow in my heart similar to yours. But now i know that the people of Kaliyuga are very fortunate.None is as fortunate as them’.

Purport –
So here Narada muni explains, that though in one sense, the age of Kali is the most degraded, in which the people are largely sinful, and their sufferings most intense, yet the people of this age are the most fortunate. It is because, in this age of kali, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has graced us with His enchanting and blissful pastimes. He has established the yuga-dharma of harinama sankirtana. So following His instructions and contemplating upon His pastimes, one can very easily mitigate their pains and obtain the ultimate prize of pure love of God, which is not so easily obtained even in the other yugas. So this age of Kali, in essence is the most fortunate of all ages. It is for this reason that the associates of the Lord hanker to take birth in this age of Kali, wherein they can relish the greatest transcendental ecstasies.
dhanye kalau sampravishte, Gaura leela manorama;
prakata bhavita hy etat, vyaktam tada bhavishyati
(Urdhvamnaya Tantra)
The advent of the age of Kali is most auspicious because in the near future the most wonderful and enchanting holy Pastimes of Lord Gauranga will be most openly and widely established and broadcasted.

Text 139-140
Satya-adi yugadharma achara kathin
Kaliyuga dharma harinama parabeen
Nama guna sankirtane muktabandha haiya
Nritya-gite bule ,yama bhaya airaiya

Translation –
(Narada continued) ‘In Satya Yuga and the other previous yugas, the prescribed practice of Yuga dharma (religious practices for attaining perfection) was very difficult. But in kaliyuga, the process of self realization, prescribes chanting of the holy names of Lord Hari. Simply by engaging in the process of chanting the Lord’s holy names and singing His glories, one becomes free from material bondage. Singing and dancing (in ecstasy), one no longer fears Yamaraja’.

Purport –
Staying very humble and submissive, and equipped with the remembrance of Gauranga’s blissful form and amazing pastimes, we should follow His instructions of daily chanting the Hare Krishna Mahamantra –
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
The word ‘Hare’ refers to the Supreme Lord’s internal energy or Srimati Radharani and the word ‘Krishna’ refers to Lord Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead.As Lord Gauranga is non different from Sri Radha and Krishna (Sri Krishna Chaitanya ,Radha Krishna Nahe anya), the syllables ‘Hare Krishna’ is non different to Lord Gauranga.Thus Lord Gauranga is also worshipped when we chant the above Hare Krishna Mahamantra.
While chanting on the above Hare Krishna Maha mantra we should try to meditate upon Lord Gauranga’s sankirtana pastimes. Chanting the Maha Mantra gives us an opportunity to pray so that Lord Gauranga accepts us as one of His own and engages us in His sankirtana movement. By Chanting the Maha mantra, we constantly beg for Mahaprabhu’s causeless mercy.
Sri Jagadananda Pandita mentions in his Sri Prema vivarta –
Gaura ye sikhalo nama sei nama gao
anya sab nama mahatmya sei nama pao
Please chant the holy name that has been taught by lord Gauranga. By doing so you shall obtain the benefits of chanting all the other holy names.
Before we begin chanting each round of Hare Krishna mahamantra, we should beg shelter of Lord Chaitanya and the pancha tattva by chanting the following mantra –
‘Jaya Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityananda, Sri Advaita Gadadhara, Srivasa adi Gaura bhakta vrinda’.
In order to derive the maximum benefits from chanting the above Hare krishna Mahamantra , we must incessantly pray for Lord Gauranga’s causeless mercy. Lord Gauranga’s pastimes are non different from Him. So when we meditate upon Him, His name or His pastimes, we are in fact directly associating with Him. The more we do this regularly, the more we cleanse our consciousness which further helps in reviving our spontaneous faith and devotion unto Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.One who meditates and contemplates upon Mahaprabhu’s ecstatic form and His enchanting blissful pastimes ,is very quickly cleansed of all contaminations. With a purified consciousness, they can then quite easily chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, offenselessly and attentively.So we should ‘Read, Contemplate and Preach’ atleast one of Lord Gauranga’s pastimes daily. We should read atleast one of Lord Gaurahari’s pastimes in a day, contemplate upon it and preach it to any person we desire. The next day we can Read,contemplate and preach a different pastime of Lord Gaurasundara.In this way we would purify our consciousness and progress very quickly in devotion.
In the navadvipa dham mahatmya, Pushkara tirtha reveals:
Koti koti varna dhari Sri krishna bhajana
Tathapi namete rati na paye durjana
Gauranga bhajile dusta bhava duure jaya
Alpa dine vraja dhame Radha krishna paya
– even after chanting the holy names of Radha and Krishna for millions of years, a rogue is not able to develop any taste for Harinama. But if he lovingly worships Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, his wicked mentality quickly vanishes and he soon achieves the lotus feet of Radha and Krishna in Vrindavana.
Hence our genuine love and attraction for Mahaprabhu ,His qualities and His pastimes, shall determine the spiritual benefits that we can obtain by chanting the Hare Krishna mahamantra.

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Text 141-142
Ara aparupa katha shuno savdhane
Dwarakaya dekhilam apana nayane
Ei katha rase Prabhu Rukmini-r sathe
Nija prema bilashiba kari heno chite

Translation –
(Narada continued) ‘Please listen carefully to this wonderful pastime that I saw in Dwarka with my own eyes.Lord Krishna spoke sweetly to queen Rukmini telling Her, “I have decided to freely distribute to the people the ecstatic love for Me”.’

Text 143-144
Simhasane basiya Rukmini kari kole
Antara chintita muin gelun henokale
Dukhita dekhiya prabhu puchhila amare
E heno murti keno dekhiye tomare

Translation –
(Narada continued) ‘Lord Krishna was seated upon His throne and Rukmini devi sat upon His lap. This is when I arrived over there (at Dwarka) carrying a sorrowful heart. Seeing me morose, Lord Krishna asked , “why do I see you in such a (pitiable) condition ?” ’

Text 145-146
Ei manah-katha muin kahilun pada paiya
Prasanna bayan prabhu kahila hashiya
Rukmini kahila pada-premar mahima
Shuniya bihavala prabhu arati-garima

Translation –
(Narada continued) ‘Receiving the feet of the Lord, i revealed my thoughts to Him. Being pleased, the Lord smilingly replied, “Rukmini told Me about the glories of devotion unto My feet.Hearing about it, and considering the greatness of that love, I have become overwhelmed with ecstasy” ‘.

Text 147-148
Bhunjiba premar sukh, bhunjaiba loke
Dinabhaba prakash kariba kaliyuge
Ghor Kaliyuga ,paapamoy dharma-heen
Lok bujhabar tore, haba muin deen

Translation –
(Lord Krishna continued) ‘I shall taste the ecstatic bliss of My own love and I shall make the people relish it as well. I shall manifest a humble mood in this age of Kali. The age of kali is intense, full of sins and devoid of true religion. To explain (the principles of devotion) to people, I shall exhibit a humble personality’.

Purport –
Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is this humble incarnation of the supreme Lord, who always remained engrossed in the mood of a devotee. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had instructed ‘trinad api sunicena, taror api sahishnuna’ or in other words, a devotee needs to be humbler than a blade of grass and more tolerant than a tree.
Lord Gauranga has revealed the reason for His advent to this world :
Nija preme bhasaiba e brahmanda sob
Kabhu na rakhibo dukhha, shoka ek lob
Bhasaiba sthabara , jangama devagane
Shuni anandita kahe e das Locana-e
(Chaitanya Mangala, 568-569)

Translation –
(Lord Gauranga said) ‘I shall flood the universe with the nectar of ecstatic devotional service unto Myself. Not the slightest tinge of suffering shall remain. I shall flood the moving, the unmoving, the demigods in that ecstatic nectar’. Locana das narrates this pastime, being filled with bliss.
In this verse Lord Chaitanya has predicted how the whole universe (not just the earth) shall be intoxicated with His divine love and be flooded in devotional ecstasy. He has predicted how being madly engrossed in His ecstatic love, the world shall be completely delivered from their miserable suffering condition. A person who receives Mahaprabhu’s causeless mercy cares for nothing else in this material world and achieves the highest perfection of life.
So worship of Lord Gauranga, the golden avatara, is very essence of devotional science, which shall soon be revealed in this fortunate age of kali.

Text 149-150
Premamoy Gaura dirgha subarana tanu
Bishala hridoy, bahu-yuga sama janu
Kahite kahite prabhu Gauratanu haila
Nija prema bilashiba, pratigya karila

Translation –
(Narada muni continued) ‘Speaking thus, Lord Krishna manifested the form of Lord Gauranga. Lord Gauranga possesses a form filled with ecstatic love, tall brilliant body with a broad chest .His two arms reached upto His knees. The Lord then vowed that He would widely distribute to the people , ecstatic loving devotion unto Him’.

Text 151-152
Ye dekhila ye shunila, kahila tomare
Ghosona dibare jabo shakala samsare
Prithibi janama giya premabhakti lobhe
Heno aparupa rupa habe Kaliyuge

Translation –
(Narada continued) ‘Whatever I saw, whatever I heard, i have now told You. I shall now travel the entire world in order to announce the same news to all. Eager to taste the bliss of ecstatic love unto Himself, the supreme Lord shall descend to the earth ,in kaliyuga, manifesting this wonderful form (of lord Gauranga)’.

Text 153-154
Shuniya Narada vani Uddhava bikal
Charane pariya kande anande bihavala
Heno adbhuta katha kahile amare
Jiva sancharile jeno nirjiva sharire

Translation –
Hearing Narada’s words Uddhava remained stunned. Weeping in joy and feeling overwhelmed, he fell upon Narada’s feet.Uddhava then said, ‘ You have given me such a wonderful news. It has injected life into my lifeless body’.

Text 155-156
Juraila deho mor tomar sambhashe
Chalila narada vina bajaiya ullashe
Jaimini bharate narada uddhava samvad
Shuniya Locana das-er ananda unmad

Translation –
(Uddhava continued) ‘My body feels replenished hearing your wonderful words’. Happily Playing upon his vina, Narada muni then continued with his journey.Hearing this conversation between Narada muni and Uddhava ,mentioned in Jaimini’s bharata (Aswamedha parva), Locana das is now wild with bliss.

Text 157
Amar bachane je ba pratit na jay
Vichara karuk punthi botrish adhyay

Translation –
Whoever is not convinced by my words, should read the thirty second chapter of this book (Jaimini Bharata).

Purport –
This conversation between Narada muni and Uddhava is recorded in the thirty-second chapter of Jaimini Bharata.

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