Nitai Karuna Sindhu (Lord Nityananda – An Ocean of mercy)

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Sri Nityananda Prabhu is none other than Lord Balarama, the first expansion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who had appeared 500 years ago in the sacred land of Birbhum (in West Bengal), in order to assist Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu manifest His most wonderful pastimes. This book tries to recount some of the amazing pastimes that Doyal Nitai had enacted in this sacred land of Bengal, where He had spent most of His days, preaching and showering love. Along with providing a vivid description of these pastimes, the book also exhibits quality images that have been carefully clicked at the various pastime places, that further helps the readers meditate upon these enchanting pastimes. The book has been carefully tailored to provide a unique reading experience that enables one to develop spontaneous love and devotion unto Lord Nityananda. Jai Nitai !

A brief overview –

1. Who is Nityananda Prabhu ?
2. Childhood pastimes of Nitai
3. Meeting of Gauranga and Nityananda at Mayapur
4. Lord Nityananda and the Panihati Dahi Chida festival
5. Lord Nityananda and Uddharana datta Thakura – Pastimes of Saptagram
6. Lord Nityananda and Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami
7. Pastimes with Jagai and Madhai
8. Pastimes with Vrindavana Das Thakura
9. Amazing Pastimes of Khardaha
10. Lord Nityananda’s marriage with Srimati Vasudha and Jahnava, Ambika Kalna
11. Navadvipa Parikrama with Jiva Goswami
12. Lord Nityananda tricks Lord Caitanya and His jovial conversations with Advaita acharya
13. Pastimes at Srivasa Angan
14. Nityananda Prabhu breaks Mahaprabhu’s sannyasa Danda (rod)
15. A few Bhajans Glorifying Lord Nityananda

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