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Lord Gauranga manifests the form of Varahadeva (Boar Incarnation)

varaha deva

Throughout the day, Lord Caitanya remained immersed in different devotional ecstasies. Sometimes He cried for hours altogether, sometimes He laughed and while at times he was unconscious.On one such occasion, hearing a few verses glorifying Varahadeva (Boar incarnation) , Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu became deeply intoxicated in the mood of the Boar incarnation.Crying out ‘Boar !Boar!’ He rushed to the house of Murari Gupta, His intimate associate. Sri Caitanya Mangala describes how tears of love gushed down the Lord’s eyes ,that resembled the river Ganges rushing down from the peak of Mt Sumeru. ‘The Gaudiya Treasures of Bengal’ offers its humble obeisances unto the lotus feet of Lord Gaurahari, whose intoxicated mood and enchanting pastimes are the source of all transcendental ecstasies.

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Srivasa Pandita’s intense devotion for Lord Gauranga

srivasa angan

Lord Caitanya exhibited the most amazing and wonderful pastimes of His, during the daily sankirtana at Srivasa pandita’s house.None in the world could dance as beautifully and as gracefully as Sri Gauranga. As soon as the Kirtana began, the Lord became absorbed in trance ,and would sometimes fall down upon the ground with such force, that the earth would seem to shake.Sometimes He would become so heavy that no one could restrain Him, while at other times, he would become as light as a cotton.Sometimes He would weep for hours altogether, trembling and rolling on the floor, while the devotees would secretly take the dust from His lotus feet. The soul stirring kirtana of the devotees,mixed with the melodious voices of Kartala,mridanga and conch shells, coupled with the Lord’s ecstatic dancing created a musical uproar that cannot be compared to anything of this material world. The Lord would display ecstatic symptoms which are not revealed in the scriptures – Sometimes His body became stiff like a statue, while at other times it became as soft as cream,Sometime His body became elongated to such an extent that He appeared twice His normal size, while at other times, He looked thinner and smaller than usual. Being completely devoid of external consciousness, the Lord would sometimes call out the previous names of His associates, thus revealing their identities in Krishna’s Vrindavana pastimes, thereby enchanting one and all.Srila Vrindavana Das Thakura explains in Sri Caitanya Bhagavata ,that the ecstatic dancing pastimes of the Lord Caitanya at Srivasa Angan were just like Krishna’s Rasa lila. He explains that actually millenniums passed by during these pastimes, while it appeared to be just a few hours to the mere human eye. To read more about Mahaprabhu’s wonderful pastimes at Srivasa angan, please refer to The Gaudiya Treasures of Bengal’s article entitled – ‘Srivasa Angan ,Mayapur ,Navadvipa – Part 1: where Lord Gaurahari eternally performs His ecstatic pastimes’

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Jiva Goswami’s Navadvipa Parikrama with Lord Nityananda

jiva goswami

Sri Jiva Goswami left his home in Candradvipa, at a very early age, and began crying ‘Nadia’ , ‘Nadia’ out of an intense eagerness.Calling out the names of Gauranga and Nityananda he finally arrived at Navadvipa. People were startled to see the effulgent attractive form of Jiva Gosai, who was performing great renunciations. He wanted to meet Nityananda prabhu, and begged the people to take him to the Lord. Swayed by great compassion, Nityananda Prabhu accepted Jiva and embraced him. Jiva Goswami then glorified Nityananda Prabhu. He exclaimed that Nityananda prabhu, who was none other than Lord Balarama, was the very form and the abode of the universe. Addressing himself as an insignificant living entity, Sri Jiva expressed how only by receiving the causeless mercy of Nityananda Prabhu, can one achieve the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga. If Lord Gaurahari punishes someone, that person can still be protected by Lord Nityananda. However one rejected by Nityananda prabhu is never accepted by Sri Caitanya. Jiva Goswami begged Nityananda Prabhu for His causeless mercy, and seeked His permission so that he could receive Lord Gaurahari’s darsana and developed attachment unto Him.

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Nimai Sannyasa

Nimai Sannyasa

Composed by Srila Vasudeva Ghosh

Translated by Diptiman Gaurahari das & Diptimayi Vishnupriya devi dasi

A heart melting composition that reveals the devastating effects of Mahaprabhu’s Sannyasa (renounced order of life) upon Saci mata (His mother) and Vishnupriya devi (His wife)

Sudhakhhate dila Haath, vajra parila mathat
Bujhi bidhi more birambila
Karuna kariya kande , kesh besh nahi bandhe
Sacira mandira kache gelo

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