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Ter Kadamba, Nandgaon – History and Pastimes

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Ter Kadamba nandgaon

Ter Kadamba, situated midway between Yavat and Nandgaon, is one of the most notable sites of Vraja Mandala. Here, a small temple has been constructed in the midst of a group of Kadamba trees (burflower trees). This is also a place of Krishna’s rasa Leela and hence a platform has been constructed to commemorate this pastime. It is believed that Krishna used to bring His cows to graze at this place. Later when it was time to return home, He used to climb up on the Kadamba tree and play on His flute. Hearing Him play, the cows would immediately return. Krishna would then count each cow on His jeweled necklace before departing for Nandgaon. Sometimes, under the gentle light of a full moon, Krishna would climb this tree and play upon His flute to call upon His sakhis. Radha and the other gopis would then leave their homes to respond to the call of their beloved. The surrendered Gopis would then engage in Rasa dance with Krishna. Since Krishna climbed upon the Kadamba tree and played His flute to call (ter) the cows and gopis, this place is known as Ter-Kadamba.

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Ter Kadamba nandgaon

Srila Rupa Goswami lived here at Ter-Kadamba for many years being absorbed in the pastimes of the divine couple. He had penned some of his most important books during his stay at Ter-Kadamba. Ujjavala Nilamani, Padyavali, Lalita Madhava, Dana Keli Kaumudi, and Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu to mention a few. There is a very interesting pastime associated with this place. Once Sanatana Goswami visited his brother Rupa at Ter Kadamba. Rupa Goswami greeted him joyfully but unfortunately had no food to offer. He earnestly wished that if he had some sweet rice, he could have treated his brother well. Just as he was pondering, a beautiful young girl brought ghee, milk, sugar, and other ingredients. Her mother had sent them to be distributed to the saints, she said. The young girl handed over the ingredients to Rupa Gosai and requested them to be cooked. Saying this, the girl left.

Rupa Goswami immediately cooked sweet rice, offered it to the deities, and subsequently served it to Sanatana Goswami. As soon as he tasted it, Sanatana Gosai almost fainted with devotional ecstasy. He immediately understood the identity of the young girl. She was none other than Vrindavaneshwari Radharani. He revealed his realizations to Rupa and admonished his brother for wanting to treat him with sweet rice. Instead of rendering service to Radhika, they have now ended up accepting her service. Sanatana then enjoyed the prasadam in great bliss.

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Ter Kadamba nandgaon

Previously, there used to be a lot of Kadamba trees near Ter-Kadamba but they have mostly disappeared owing to stagnant rainwater. On Gopashtami, the local Vrajavasis organize programs at Ter-Kadamba to commemorate the pastimes of Radha and Krishna. They also decorate the cows and also feed them sumptuously.

How to Reach Ter-Kadamba

Ter Kadamba lies midway between Nandgaon and Yavat. It is situated about 2 kilometers from Nand Bhavan. The place is well connected via roadways and one can park one’s car outside the temple gates. Reaching Nandgaon or Yavat, one can hire a cab to directly reach this temple.  The place is situated about 50 Kilometers from Mathura and takes about an hour to reach.


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