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The following is a recitation from Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata, Adi Khanda, Chapter 1 (Verses 11-21) & Chapter 9 (Verses 211-238). In these verses, Srila Vrindavan das Thakur glorifies Lord Nityananda, his spiritual master, and explains the exalted position of Nitai Chand.


A few words on these verses – Srila Vrindavan das glorifies Lord Nityananda : 

In these verses, Srila Vrindavan das Thakur expresses his earnest feelings towards Lord Nityananda. He confirms that it is only due to the causeless mercy of Nityananda that one subsequently achieves devotion unto Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Chaitanyera kirti sphure yanhara kripaya). One can glorify Lord Chaitanya only after he/she has sufficiently glorified Lord Nityananda (ataeb aage Balaramera staban, karile se mukhe sphure Chaitanyera Kirtana). Nitai is very dear to Lord Chaitanya. In fact, He is the dearest (tatadhik Chaitanyera priyo nahi ara). One who glorifies or attentively listens to Lord Nityananda’s glories is at once favored by Lord Chaitanya. Such a devotee is also favored by Lord Shiva, Maa Durga, and Maa Saraswati. Lord Nitai, who is none other than Ananta Deva, is the source of Lord Shiva and is his worshipable. This is confirmed in the Fifth Canto (Chapter 25) of Srimad Bhagavatam.

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nitai gaura nityananda trayodashi

Lord Nityananda is forever engaged in glorifying Lord Chaitanya (aharnish Chaitanyera katha prabhu koy). And it is also due to the causeless mercy of Lord Chaitanya that one attains devotion unto Lord Nityananda (Chaitanya kripaye hoy Nityanande rati). Hence, Srila Vrindavan das Thakur advises that if one desires to transcend this material world and absorb himself in the ocean of devotional ecstasy, then one must worship Lord Nityananda (samsarer paar haiya bhaktira sagare, ye dubibe se bhojuk Nitai chandere). Vrindavan das Thakur condemns those who criticize Lord Nitai and goes as far as saying that these people should be kicked upon their foreheads. Srila Vrindavan das longs for the day when devotees would surround the brothers Gauranga and Nityananda and sing their praises in unison.

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