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Jagannath Puri temple history (Part 3) – Appearance of Lord Jagannath, Baladeva & Subhadra

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In the previous article, we explained how Lord Neela Madhava disappeared from the general view being totally covered under the sand. We also came to understand how King Indradyumna was pacified learning that the Supreme Lord Vishnu would soon manifest Himself in the form of Daru-Brahma. Request you to browse through the earlier article for a detailed description of these mysterious events surrounding Jagannath Puri dham. This article is a humble attempt to present the subsequent developments.

#1 Narada Muni instructed King Indradyumna to install the deity of Lord Narasimha deva that was uncovered from under the Aguru tree. King Indradyumna did likewise. Sughata, the son of Viswakarma (the celestial architect ), created a beautiful temple within four days. Lord Narasimha deva was installed in that temple as per the directions of Narada. Deities of Bhu-devi and Lakshmidevi were also installed along with Narasimha deva.

#2 Thereafter, King Indradyumna desired to perform one thousand Asvamedha yajnas for the pleasure of the Supreme Lord. He invited all the demigods from heaven to witness this auspicious ceremony. A big hall having a width of three miles was arranged for performing the yajna. Having obtained the blessings of all sages and the demigods headed by Lord Indra, King Indradyumna began the Asvamedha yajna. The sacrifice of a thousand Asvamedha yajnas was successfully performed.

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jagannath puri

#3 Thereafter King Indradyumna meditated upon the Supreme Lord. In his trance, he witnessed the spiritual island of Svetadvipa that was surrounded by a milk ocean on all sides. Indradyumna could behold the wonderful four-handed form of Lord Vishnu seated upon a golden throne. He could see the hoods of Lord Ananta Sesha serving as the Lord’s umbrella. A large flower garland embellished the beautiful bluish form of the Supreme Lord. King Indradyuma revealed to Narada what he had just seen. Narada exclaimed that the Supreme Lord has already manifested Himself as a tree in this world. Saying this the sage led King Indradyumna to the divine tree (Daru Brahma) from where the deities of Jagannath, Baladeva, and Subhadra would subsequently be carved.

#4 King Indradyuma worshiped and glorified the divine tree. He wondered how the deities could be sculpted from the tree’s wood. Just then a divine voice resounded from the sky. The voice instructed the King to keep the wood hidden for fifteen days and hand it over to a sculptor who would soon arrive to carve the deity of the Supreme Lord from it. The sculptor would carve the deity behind closed doors. The King was instructed not to open the door until fifteen days had passed. Also, the King was asked to ensure that musical instruments were played outside the door incessantly for these fifteen days so that no one could listen to the sounds of carving. The King was also instructed to construct a thousand-foot-tall temple to house the deities of the Supreme Lord.

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jagannath puri

#5 King Indradyumna followed all the instructions dutifully. Once sculpted, the beautiful deities of Lord Jagannath, Baladeva, and Subhadra were installed at the Jagannath Puri temple. Even millions of years later, the beautiful temple continues to exist and house the Supreme Lord, from where He bestows His causeless mercy upon the suffering souls of this world.

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