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Srila Rupa Goswami had recorded the names of Krishna’s articles, accessories, and ornaments in his book Sri Radha Krishna Ganoddesa Dipika. Below is the brief summary of his presentation.

Names of Krishna’s Articles and Accessories

#1 The name of Krishna’s mirror is Saradindu

#2 Krishna’s camara is called Madhu-maruta. It always produces fresh air during the spring season.

#3 Krishna’s favorite lotus flower is named Sadasmera

#4 Krishna’s toy ball is named Citrakoraka

#5 Krishna’s golden bow is named Vilasakarmmana

#6 The two ends of Krishna’s bow are known as Mani vandha

krishna accessories ornaments articles

#7 The string of Krishna’s bow is called Manjulasara.

#8 Krishna’s glistening jewel-handled scissors are named Tustida

#9 His horn is named Mandraghosa

#10 Krishna’s vamsi flute is named Bhuvan-mohini. The flute is just like a hook that captures the fish of Srimati Radharani’s heart. Another name for this flute is Mahananda

#11 Another of Krishna’s flutes, which has six holes, is known as Madanajhamkriti.

#12 Krishna’s murali flute is called Sarala. The sweet sound of this flute even enchants the cuckoos who become speechless. The melodies known as Gaudi and Gurjjari are Krishna’s favorites and He loves playing them on His flute. Sri Krishna’s favorite and confidential mantra is the name of Sri Radha, who is the very goal of His life.

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#13 The name of Sri Krishna’s stick is Mandala.

#14 Sri Krishna’s vina is called Tarangini

#15 The two ropes He carries are named Pasuvasikara

#16 Krishna’s milk bucket is named Amritadohani

Names of Sri Krishna’s ornaments

#17 Krishna’s armlet is known as Rangada.

#18 Krishna’s bangles are called Cankana.

#19 Sri Krishna’s ring is called Ratnamukhi.

#20 Sri Krishna’s dress is called Pitambara. Krishna who wears this dress, is hence renowned as Pitavasa.

radha krishna

#21 Krishna’s ankle bells are known as Kalajhankara.

#22 Krishna’s anklets are called Hamsaganjana. Their sound enchants the minds of the Vraja Gopis.

#23 Krishna’s pearl necklace is called Taravali.

#24 Krishna’s jeweled necklace, which is studded with twenty-seven pearls, is called Taditprabha

#25 The pendant that adorns Krishna’s chest is called Hrdayamodana. The reflection of Sri Radha is always found in this pendant.

#26 Krishna’s precious gem is called Kaustubha. This was given to Him by the wives of serpent Kaliya, when He fought with the serpent in the waters of Yamuna.

#27 Krishna’s shark-shaped earrings are named Ratiragadhidaivata. The two earrings are the predominating lords for the sringara rasa and anuraga.

#28 Krishna’s crown is known as Ratnapara and His turban is called Camaradamari.

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#29 The peacock feather on Krishna’s head, that defeats the beauty of nine precious gems, is called Navaratnavidamva

krishna articles accessories ornaments

#30 Krishna’s gunja necklace is named Ragavalli

#31 Krishna’s tilaka marking is called Dristimohana

#32 Krishna’s garlands, which are made of various kinds of flowers and leaves, are known as Vanamala. It reaches all the way down to His feet.

#33 The garland that adorns Krishna and is made of five different colors of flowers is called Vaijayanti

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