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14 steps to purely chant the Hare Krishna Mahamantra ? | Prema Vivarta

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The following verses have been composed by Srila Jagadananda Pandita in his book ‘Prema Vivarta‘. He describes how one can elevate one’s consciousness and ultimately attain the shelter of the lotus feet of the Supreme Lord. He explains how one can purify his existence and purely chant the ‘Hare Krishna Mahamantra’. The treasure of pure holy name is a manifestation of divine love.

chanting mahamantra sankirtana

#1 Abandon the association of Non-devotees

Asadhu sange bhai, Krishna namanahi haya
Namaksara bahiraya bate, tabu nama kabhu naya

My dear brothers, a person cannot purely chant the holy name of Krishna (Hare Krishna Mahamantra) in the company of non-devotees. The letters of the name might be uttered but the pure holy name never manifests itself.

#2 Chanting in bad association is never free from offenses against the Holy name

Kabhu namabhasa haya, sada nama-aparadha
E saba janibe bhai Krishna bhaktira badha

Sometimes a semblance of the pure holy name appears. One constantly commits offenses unto the holy name in such a bad association. O brother ! Please understand that all of these are obstacles on the path of devotional service to Krishna.

#3 Associate with pure devotees if you desire to chant the pure holy name of Krishna

Yadi karibe krishna-nama, sadhu sanga kara
Bhukti mukti siddi vancha dure parihara

If you want to chant Lord Krishna’s holy names properly, then associate with pure devotees of the Lord. Give up the desire for material sense gratification, liberation or for supernatural mystic powers.

krishna gopis

#4 Rise above Dualities, avoid Offenses and Chant constantly

dasa aparadha tyaja mana-apamana
Anasaktye visaye bhunja ara laha krishna nama

Give up the ten offenses against the holy name. Do not have any regard for either honor or dishonor. Render service unto Krishna, without attachment to material objects, and chant the holy names of Lord Krishna constantly.

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#5 Accept everything favorable to Krishna bhakti and reject everything opposed to it

Krishna bhaktir anukula saba karaha svikara
Krishna bhaktir pratikula saba kara parihara

Accept everything that is favorable for discharging devotional service unto Krishna and reject anything which is unfavorable.

#6 Giving up the Paths of Jnana, Mystic yoga and Karma

jnana yoga chesta chada ara karma sanga
Markata vairagya tyaja deha ranga

Do not aspire for mundane speculative knowledge, fruitive activities or the process of mystic yoga. Give up ‘false renunciation’ which is akin to the renunciation of the monkeys. It only serves in comforting the body.

#7 Always remember that Krishna is your ultimate shelter

Krishna amaya pale rakshe – jana sarva kala
Atma nivedana dainye ghucao janjala

Always know that Krishna maintains you and protects you. By surrendering yourself and practicing humility, rid yourself of unwanted material desires.

#8 Krishna descends as Lord Gauranga in Nadia

Sadhu paba kasta bada jivera janiya
Sadhu bhakta rupe Krishna aila nadiya

Understanding that it is very difficult for a living entity to get the association of real saintly people, Krishna has now come to Nadia as a pure devotee (in the form of Lord Gauranga)

gauranga hare krishna

#9 Seek shelter at Lord Gauranga’s feet

Gora pada asraya karaha buddhiman
Gora bai sadhu guru keba ache an

O intelligent soul ! Please take shelter at Lord Gauranga’s feet. He is the perfect saintly devotee and the perfect spiritual master.

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#10 Behaviour of the Renounced

vairagi bhai gramya katha na sunibe kane
Gramya varita na kahibe jabe milibe ana

O brother ! A renunciant should never listen to mundane talks, nor should he engage in mundane discussions when he meets with others.

Svapne o na kara, bhai stri sambhashana
Grhe stri chadiya, bhai asiyacha vana

O brother ! Do not converse with women even in your dreams. You have renounced the association of women in your home and you have now come to the forest.

Jadi caha pranaya rakhite gaurangera sane
Chota haridasera katha thake yena mane

If you wish to maintain your love for Lord Gauranga, do not ever forget the incident of Chota Haridasa (and why he was rejected by the Lord).

Bhalo na khaibe, ara bhalo na paribe
Hrdayete radha Krishna sarvada sevibe

Do not eat rich palatable dishes or dress in fancy clothes.Always serve Radha and Krishna within your heart.

#11 Follow in the footsteps of namacharya Haridasa Thakura

Bada Haridasa-era nyaya Krishna nama balibe badane
Asta kala radha sevibe kunja vane

Loudly chant the holy names of Krishna just like Haridasa Thakura did (not to be confused with Chota Haridasa). Serve the divine couple Sri Radha and Krishna, within the groves of Vrindavana, twenty-four hours a day.

chanting mahamantra sankirtana

#12 Instructions for the householders and renunciants

Grihastha vairagi dunhe bole Gora-raya
Dekha bhai nama vina jena dina nahi jaya

Lord Gauranga instructs both the householders as well as the renunciants, ‘O brother ! Please do not pass a single day without chanting the holy names of Lord Krishna’.

Bahu anga sadhane bhai nahi prayojana
Krishna namasraye suddha karaha jivana

‘O brother ! There is no need for different rules or practicing different spiritual paths for advancement in one’s devotional life. Purify your existence just by taking shelter of Krishna’s holy name’.

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#13 Worship Lord Gauranga

Baddha jive kripa kari Krishna haila nama
Kali jive daya kari Krishna haila Gauradhama

Bestowing His causeless mercy upon the conditioned living entities, Krishna has descended as His holy name. Being compassionate upon the souls of Kali-yuga, He has advented as Sri Gauranga.

Ekanta sarala bhave bhaja gaura jana
Tabe ta paibe bhai, sri krishna charana

Serve the associates of Sri Gauranga with a sincere and innocent heart. In this way, my brother, you shall certainly receive the feet of Sri Krishna.

#14 Treasure of the holy name

Gaura jana sanga kara gauranga baliya
Hare krishna nama bala nachiya nachiya

Associate with the devotees of Gauranga calling out ‘Gauranga !’
Chant the ‘Hare Krishna’ Mahamantra and dance in ecstasy.

Achire paibe bhai nama prema dhana
Yaha vilaite prabhu nade e agamana

Very soon you shall receive the treasure of pure holy name which is a manifestation of divine love. It is to distribute this priceless treasure that the Lord (Gauranga) had appeared in Nadia.

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