Jagannatha Misra’s dream | Witnesses Nimai as a sannyasi (renounced)

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By the arrangement of providence, Sri Jagannatha Misra saw a dream one day, that swelled his heart with mixed feelings of happiness and pain. When his dream broke, he fell prostrated  and prayed as follows –

Svapna dekhi staba pari dandavat kare
‘He Govinda, Nimai rahuka mor ghore
Sabe ei vara, Krishna magi tor thaain
Grihasta haiya ghore rahuk Nimai’

He bowed down and prayed, ‘O Govinda, let Nimai remain at my home. O Krishna, I only beg for this benediction – Let Nimai become a householder and continue to stay at my house’.

Saci Mata was taken by surprise and asked Jagannatha Misra as to why he was praying for such benedictions? To this Jagannatha Misra replied that he had just witnessed a dream where Nimai had shaved off His Shikha. He was unusually and stunningly dressed in the robes of a sannyasi. Incessantly chanting Krishna’s holy names, Nimai laughed, danced, and cried in ecstasy.

Misra bale- ‘aji muin dekhilun swapana
Nimai karyachhe yena shikhara mundana
Adbhut sannyasi vesh kahane na yay
Hashe nache kande ‘Krishna’ bali sarvadaya
(Chaitanya Bhagavata, Adi, 8.96-97)

Sri Jagannatha Misra continued that He also observed Sri Advaita Acharya and other devotees encircle Nimai and engage in ecstatic Harinama Sankirtana. At times, Nimai seated Himself upon Ananta Sesa (Lord Vishnu’s bed) and placed His foot upon everyone, thereby blessing all. Everyone was jubilant, chanting praises of Nimai. Devotees possessing four heads (Brahma), five heads (Lord Shiva), or thousands of heads (Lord Ananta) loudly chanted ‘Jaya Sacinandana’.

Katakshana dekhi – koti koti lok laiya
Nimai bulen pratinagare nachiya
Laksha koti lok Nimai-er pachhe dhaya
Brahmanda sparshiya sabe Haridhvani gaya
Chaturdike shuni matra Nimai-er stuti
Nilacale yaya sarva-bhaktera samhati
(Chaitanya Bhagavata, Adi, 8.102-104)

One moment I saw billions of people accompany Nimai and dance ecstatically from town to town.
Billions and billions of people ran madly after Nimai and chanted the Holy Names of Lord Hari unitedly. Their sound vibrations touched the coverings of the universe.
All four directions resounded with the glorification of Nimai. I saw all the devotees follow Him to Nilacala, Puri.

Jagannatha Misra expressed his anxiety over the dream. He was concerned that Nimai would become disgusted with household affairs and leave home as a sannyasi (renounced). Saci devi consoled Jagannatha Misra stating that that it was just a dream and there was nothing to worry about. She added that, ‘Don’t worry! Nimai won’t leave us’.She exclaimed that Nimai knew nothing apart from His books and that learning was His only object of meditation. In this way, the two generous souls, driven by their parental affection, discussed matters concerning their child’s future.



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