Importance of Caste & Lineage in Bhakti – Teachings of Lord Chaitanya

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(The Following is an excerpt from Srila Jagadananda Pandita’s ‘Sri Prema Vivarta‘ )

bhakti caste chaitanya

One’s caste and the eligibility to worship the Lord

If one has faith, then he/she is qualified to chant the holy name of the Lord. The quarrels of dry speculators concerning one’s caste and creed do not count for anything in this matter. A noble birth in the family of brahmanas does not inevitably make one suitable for practicing devotion. Similarly, a person having faith and born in a lower caste is not expelled from the path of devotional service. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has stressed than one’s caste and class are irrelevant when it comes to practicing devotion.

Those who boast of their caste are non-devotees – Teachings of Lord Chaitanya

In various worldly affairs, the caste and class of a person, may be of paramount importance. But to the devotees of Lord Krishna, one’s caste and class are inconsequential. One puffed up on account of his family lineage disdains devotion unto the Supreme Lord and paves his way to hell.
Neither do they respect the Vaishnavas, nor do they care to differentiate between religion and irreligion. Swelled with pride, they always engage in sinful and illicit activities.

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Gaur Purnima Katwa

A devotee cobbler is more exalted than a non-devotee brahmana

A cobbler who worships Lord Krishna receives the mercy of Lord Krishna. On the other hand, a brahmana, who engages in pure and clean activities, but does not possess devotion for the Supreme Lord, is deprived of the Lord’s mercy.
Being ornamented with twelve qualities, a brahmana, devoid of devotion unto Krishna, goes to hell.
All good qualities reside wherever there is devotion unto Lord Krishna. By their own desire, they forever reside within the body of a devotee.
Ornaments decorated on a dead body look repugnant. Similarly, the chanting of the Lord’s holy name or execution of austerities by a non-devotee is comparable to such shallow external wealth.

Both Attraction and distaste towards the mundane must be abandoned

O brother, please meditate and worship the son of mother Saci (Chaitanya Mahaprabhu), with an undeviating mind. This will destroy all your false pride associated with caste and race.
When you give up your pride, you can grow indifference towards material life. Once you give up material life, your heart shall become purified.
Withdraw your love and affection towards material objects and dovetail them towards the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.
You may belong to a high and noble lineage; there is no harm in that. Just abandon the pride associated with being born in a high class and cultivate humility.

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bhakti caste chaitanya

The Lord’s compassion towards the prideless and the humble

The Lord is always mercifully disposed towards the humble. Pride and humility cannot coexist.
Pride is the path leading to hell. Avoid it carefully. Become humble and absorb yourself in the service of the lotus feet of Radha-Govinda.

Surrendering one’s pride depends on Lord Nityananda’s mercy

O Lord Nityananda! When shall You shower Your causeless mercy upon me? When will You force me to abandon my pride and provide me the shades of Your feet?

bhakti caste chaitanya

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