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An Excerpt from Srila Jagadananda Pandita’s ‘Sri Prema Vivarta

One who does not worship moonlike Lord Chaitanya is crazy. If you worship Him, you shall relish the greatest joy. He is an embodiment of magnanimity. Who can possibly forget Him ? He bestows boundless mercy upon His servants.
Lord Chaitanya is my Lord and I shall never desert Him. He is the Lord of my life. I get up and embrace anyone who utters His name and calls out ‘Chaitanya’ .That person becomes my dearest friend.
I do not look at the face of anyone who doesn’t say ,’O Chaitanya ! You are the treasure of my life’. Seeing the face of anyone who has forgotten Lord Chaitanya, even if they are Gods or Goddesses , spoils my morning.
I will beat anyone with a stick who neglects Chaitanya and honors other renunciates. I will throw fire into the mouth of anyone who leaves aside the discussion of Chaitanya and talks about frivolous or meaningless subjects.
If I need to endure pain to please Lord Chaitanya, then let me suffer such anguish eternally. But if He gives up His pleasures and joys and accepts the life of a renunciant, I feel overwhelmed with grief.

Gauranga and the parrot

One day, while playing, my Lord Gauranga, entered the deep woods situated on the bank of Alakananda.
I (Jagadananda) and Gadadhara were following Him. The Lord then playfully caught a parrot perched on a bakula tree.
Holding the parrot, Lord Gauranga exclaimed, ‘You are the son of Vyasadeva. Please speak about the glories of Radha and Krishna and enhance our bliss’.
The parrot (Sukhadeva Goswami) did not do as directed and instead began singing ‘Gaurahari !’. Feigning anger the Lord threw the parrot away.
The parrot began to dance while singing ,‘Gaura Gaura !’. His songs gave rise to ecstatic transcendental emotions of divine love.
The Lord said,’ O parrot ! This is Vrindavana. Sing loudly the glories of Radha and Krishna so that all may hear’.
The parrot replied, ‘Vrindavana is now transformed into Navadvipa. Radha and Krishna have now revealed themselves as Lord Gaurahari.
I am a parrot and I chant the name of Lord Gaura in this forest. You are my Krishna and Gadadhara is my Radharani.

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childhood pastimes of chaitanya mahaprabhu
Gadadhara and Gauranga are the Lords of my life. I am hence unable to utter any other name’.
The Lord then exclaimed, ‘I am a worshipper of Radha and Krishna.If I hear the chanting of anyone else’s names, I feel saddened’.
Saying thus, the Lord grabbed Gadadhara Pandita’s hands and returned to Mayapur, leaving behind the parrot.
The parrot exclaimed,’ You may sing whatever pleases You. But I shall continue my worship (unto Gadai-Gauranga) forever’.
I offer my prostrated obeisances unto the feet of one who contemplates upon the sweet pastimes of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Sri Navadvipa and Vrindavana

I Know Gadadhara and Gauranga to be Radha and Syama. I also know that the thirty-two square miles of Navadvipa is non-different from Vrindavana.
Why don’t they just die – those who consider Krishna, the son of mother Yashoda, and Gauranga, the son of mother Saci, to be different?
Why do those foolish logicians, who cannot perceive Vrindavana within Navadvipa, continue with their meaningless lives?

Worship of Radha and Krishna, without worshipping of Lord Gauranga is futile

Whoever worships the holy name of Lord Gauranga, His pastime places, His splendid features, and characteristics, I sincerely and unreservedly love them.
Those who, in spite of being born in Bengal (Gauda), do not worship Lord Gauranga’s beautiful form, names, pastimes, and Lord Gauranga’s exalted pastime places – their hearts can never approach or relish the wonderful Names, form, holy abodes, or exalted pastimes of Radha and Krishna.

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dandabhanga leela bhumi dwadash bhuja gauranga

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