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Suvarna Vihara | Sri Navadvipa Bhava Taranga

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Text 33

Taar purve bilokiba Suvarna vihara
Suvarna sen er durga tulya nahi yar
Yathaya Sri Gaurachandra saha parikara
Nachen suvarna-murti ati manohara

Translation –

To the east of this place is situated Suvarna Vihara, the incomparable majestic palace of Suvarna sen. There Lord Gaurachandra dances along with His associates in an enchanting golden form.Continue Reading…

Visrama sthala | Sri Navadvipa Bhava Taranga

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Text 30

Madhuvana madhya-bhage Sri Visrama sthala
Sridhara kutira ara kunda nirmala
Kazire sodhiya prabhu laye parikara
Yathaye Visrama kaila Tridasha-isvara

Translation –

At the center of Madhuvana, is a place known as ‘Visrama sthala’. Here lies the cottage of Kolavecha Sridhara and a clear pond. After rectifying Chand Kazi, Lord Gaurahari, the Lord of the three worlds, came here with His associates and rested.Continue Reading…

The forest of Bilvapaksha | Sri Navadvipa Bhava Taranga

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Text 25
Duur haite vilokiba bilvapaksha-vana

Yatha Gaura-dhyane achhe rishi chatuhsana
Nitai vilasa bhumi dekhiba suduure
Yatha sankarsana kshetra vijna jane sphure

Translation –

From afar, i shall view upon the Bilvapaksha forest wherein the four Kumaras remain rapt in meditation of Lord Gauranga. I shall behold the land of Sankarsana kshetra, which lies a bit further away. This is the place where Lord Nityananda manifests His enchanting pastimes. This land is only manifest to the wise devotees.Continue Reading…

Duty, True Religion, Consciousness & Inherent Nature of Man -A Crash Course on Philosophy


Hare Krishna, Welcome to this session with ‘The Gaudiya Treasures of Bengal’. This is your servant Diptiman Gaurahari das. So in this video we are going to talk about the eternal duty of man; we are going to discuss about the nature of the soul. We are going to talk about who we actually are, what we are made up of, and our eternal tendencies, natural characteristics and our intrinsic nature that wants to find its expression in our day to day lives.

Continue Reading…