Vishnu-Katyayani samvada

(Bivas raga – tripadi)

Text 261
Bole pahun lahun bole, naha devi utrole
Eki haye tor vyavahar
Tor maya bondhe andha, shakala samsara khanda
Tenyi sristi achhoye amar

Translation –
Lord Narayana spoke in a sweet voice ,’ O goddess do not be in ignorance. What you wish shall definitely happen. The ropes of your illusion has kept everyone in this material world blinded. I create this material world through you’.

Purport –
Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita :

mayadhyaksena prakritih
suyate sa characharam
hetunanena kaunteya
jagad viparivartate

O son of Kunti, this material nature is working under My direction, and it is producing all moving and unmoving beings accordingly. By its rule this manifestation is created and annihilated again and again.

Mahamaya (devi Durga) is the manifestation of Lord’s external energy. The jivas or living entities fall under the Lord’s marginal energy. And Srimati Radharani is the manifestation of the Lord’s internal energy. The living entities have their free will and independence to either choose to be devoted to the Supreme Lord and enjoy ultimate happiness or be devoted to their own senses and enjoy flickering happiness along with a lot of pain. Those seeking shelter of the Lord are protected by the Lord’s internal energy. But those beings who want to become God themselves and enjoy independently, come under the jurisdiction of the Lord’s external energy or Mahamaya devi. It is Mahamaya devi’s service to provide tritapa dukha (threefold miseries) unto these beings and make them ultimately realize their mistake. So devi Durga, who is in charge of this material world, is actually responsible for making living beings devoted to the supreme Lord. She is a vaishnavi and works under the direct supervision of Lord Hari.

Text 262
Tumi mor adyashakti , tumi se janoho bhakti
Tumi mor prakriti svarupa
Toma bahi ami nahi, tumi ama bahi kohi
Je koroho tomari se kripa

Translation –
(Lord Narayana continued) ‘You are my adya-shakti (primeval potency), you understand the science of devotion.You are my material energy personified. I am not without you. Without you, the material creation cannot exist. Whatever you just did is all your mercy’.

Text 263
Hara-Gouri aradhane , sarvalok ama jane
Hara-Gouri mor atma-tanu
Tor parasanna hiya, ghuchila shakala maya
Ghuchila svarupa bhed bhinu

Translation –
(Lord Narayana continued) ‘The whole world knows Me through the worship of Shiva and Gauri, knowing the two of you to be My very self. When you become pleased at heart, you remove the misconception that Shiva and you are different from Me’.

When Lord Shiva and Devi Durga are especially pleased with someone, they reveal to them that they are the servants of the supreme Lord and encourage them to worship the Supreme Lord Hari with love and devotion. This happened in the life of a great vaishnava named Govinda Kaviraja. He was a great devotee of Maa Durga. Goddess Durga revealed to him in his dream one day, to seek shelter of Lord Hari, the supreme Lord and her worshipable master.Govinda kaviraja followed the instructions and went onto become a great vaishnava. He accepted initiation from Srinivasa acharya. Govinda Kaviraja composed numerous heart melting vaishnava bhajans like ‘Bhajahu Re Mana’, etc.

Text 264
Aicchana pratigya tor , eheno uchhista mor
Abirodhe dibe sabakare
Mahaprasade gandhe , sabhe hobe muktabandhe
Ghuchaibe nirbandha bichare

Translation –
(Lord Narayana continued) ‘I shall uphold this promise of Yours ,of freely distributing my food remnants (Mahaprasada) to everyone in this world. The mere fragrance of my remnants shall relieve everyone of their material bondages and their strong attachment to intellectual arguments’.

Text 265
Shuniya Thakura vani, punah kahe Katyayani
Mor-e yadi daya achhe chite
Abashya uchhista dibe , bhunjibe shakala jive
Abirodhe pabe trijagate

Translation –
Hearing Lord Narayana’s words, Katyayani devi (Goddess Durga) spoke once more. She said, ‘If You are compassionate upon me in Your heart, then You must give Your food remnants to the living entities in these three worlds, so that they can all honour it without any obstacles’.

Purport –
In Jagannatha Puri, the Mahaprasada of the Lord is freely distributed to one and all. Even the fortunate dogs and jackals get to honour it. The Mahaprasada of Lord Jagannatha is first honored by Bimala devi, who is a form of Devi durga, and then it is distributed freely to one and all (without any obstacles).

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Text 266
Punah kahe gunamani, shuno devi katyayani
Pratigya paliba achhe katha
Puraba rahasya ei, tomare nibhrite koi
Ghuchibe samsara jara chinta

Translation –
Lord Narayana, who is a gem of virtues, spoke again, ‘Please listen Katyayani, I shall keep my vow. Now I’ll reveal to you an ancient secret, that shall alleviate your anxieties regarding the material world’.

Text 267
Puraba rahasya yata, keho nahi jane tattva
Samudra mathila devagane
Mandara mathana-danda, rajju phani ananta
Loma upajila gharishane

Translation –
(Lord Narayana continued) ‘No one knows the actual truth behind this ancient pastime. During the churning of the milk ocean by the demigods, using mount Mandara as the churning rod and the giant snake Vasuki as their rope, a kalpa Vriksha tree was born from the friction of the churning’.

Text 268
Se mor kalpataru, jachok jachiya karu
jar jata sei mone bashe
Ye dhan ye jana chahe, se dhan se jana paye
Bimukh na kare prati aashe

Translation –
(Lord Narayana continued) ‘This wish fulfilling tree grants any desire that one may ask for. It grants all the desires that a person harbours in his heart. Whatever wealth one asks for, he receives the same from this tree. The Kalpa Vriksha never turns down anyone’s requests’.

Text 269
Tahi ek dibya tyeje, charu tarubara raje
Sri Chaitanya adhistita dehe
Se mor sahaja rupa, kevala karuna bhupa
Ara yata sama seho nahe

Translation –
(Lord Narayana continued) ‘This kalpa Vriksha, which is glorious, effulgent, and the king of trees, shines with the transcendental effulgence emanating from the body of Lord Chaitanya. Lord Chaitanya is my own form and is the embodiment of causeless mercy.There has never ever been a form or incarnation equal to that of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’.

Purport –

The Bhagavata purana mentions :

Krishna-varnam tvishakrishnam sangopangastra-parshadam,yajnaih sankirtana-prayair yajanti hi sumedhasah
(Srimad Bhagavatam 11.5.32)

In the age of Kali, intelligent persons perform congregational chanting to worship the incarnation of Godhead (Gauranga) who constantly sings the holy name of Krishna. Although His complexion is not blackish, He is Krishna Himself. He is accompanied by His associates, weapons , servants, and confidential companions.

Srila Prabodhananda Sarasvati explains why Lord Gauranga is the most merciful incarnation of the Supreme :

Rakso-daitya-kulam hatam kiyad idam yogadi-vartma-kriya-
Margo va prakati-kritah kiyad idam sristy adhikam va kiyat
Mediny-uddharanadikam kiyad idam premojjvalaya maha-
Bhakter vartma-karim param bhagavatas Chaitanya-murtim stumah
(Chaitanya Chandramrita,
Text 7)

What benefit did the world derive when the incarnations of the supreme Lord like Ramachandra, Nrsimha, and many others killed so many raksasa and Daityas ? What was the benefit derived when Lord kapila and other incarnations reveal the paths of sankhya and yoga ? Is it of great glory that Lord Brahma and other guna-avataras create, maintain and destroy the material universes ? How auspicious is it that Lord Varahadeva lifted and rescued the earth from the garbhodaka ocean ? We do not consider these pastimes to be so important. The most important of all things is that Lord Chaitanya has revealed the great splendour of pure ecstatic love for Himself. Let us glorify that Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

It is stated in Chaitanya Mangala how the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya are the most blissful and unheard of ,in any of the other yugas :

Ati aparupa leela prakashila prabhu
Chari yuge adbhut katha nahi shune kabhu
(Chaitanya Mangala , 1.94)

– Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had manifested the most wonderful incomparable pastimes, never heard before in any of the four yugas.

The land of Navadvipa, the place where Sri Chaitanya mahaprabhu eternally enjoys His magnanimous pastimes, is saturated with audarya (magnanimity). He is the saviour of the fallen souls; that is why He is also known as patita pavana.
Along with His associates, Sri Chaitanya had manifested the most blissful , heart rending pastimes that have been ever witnessed in human history. In fact, some of the eternal associates of the Lord have experienced a greater degree of transcendental ecstasy being part of the pastimes of Lord Chaitanya, as compared to being part of Sri Krishna’s vrindavana pastimes. Lord Gaurahari freely gives what no other incarnation of the Supreme Lord has ever given before – the ecstatic pure love of God. He does not consider one’s qualifications or background or pedigree before bestowing this supreme gift upon them, receiving which one achieves the ultimate perfection of his human life .He is the essence of all the other incarnations of the Supreme – ‘Avatara sar Gaura avatara’.

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That is why Sri Chaitanya Chandramrita states :

Pasanaah parisochito mrita rasair naivankurah sambhavet
Langulam saramapater vivrinatah syad asya naivarjavam
Hastava unnayata budhah aho dharyaam vidhor mandalam
Sarvam sadhanam astu Gaura karunabhave na bhavotsavah
(Chaitanya Chandramrita,
Text 33)

Even if watered and nourished with nectar for millions of years, a stone will not sprout a single blade of grass. Even if a dog’s tail is stretched and extended , it will never become straight. A man may stretch out his arms as much as he likes, but he will never be able to catch the moon.Similarly a person may follow the various kinds of spiritual practices for millions of lives but he will not be able to attain the pure unadulterated love of God without achieving the mercy of Lord Gauranga.

Text 270
Yata avatara tar, sei se ashramagar
Leela kaila vilasera tore
Prithivi rahiba ami, trijagata-nath-Swami
Karuna kariba parachare

Translation –
(Lord Narayana continued) ‘He is the fountainhead of all the other incarnations of the supreme.He will appear as a sannyasi and enjoy His transcendental pastimes. I, the master of the three worlds, shall descend onto the earth as Lord Chaitanya, stay there and bestow my causeless mercy by the preaching of pure devotional service unto Myself’.

Purport –
In the navadvipa dham mahatmya, Pushkara tirtha reveals:

Koti koti varna dhari Sri krishna bhajana
Tathapi namete rati na paye durjana
Gauranga bhajile dusta bhava duure jaya
Alpa dine vraja dhame Radha krishna paya

– even after chanting the holy names of Radha and Krishna for millions of years, a rogue is not able to develop any taste for Harinama. But if he lovingly worships Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, his wicked mentality quickly vanishes and he soon achieves the lotus feet of Radha and Krishna in Vrindavana.

That is why Lord Nityananda begs us to lovingly worship Lord Gauranga (amare kiniya laha bhaja Gaurahari).

In Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata as well, it has been mentioned how Nityananda Prabhu always chants the glories and blissful pastimes of Lord Gauranga and makes all of His associates and followers do the same as well.

Nirabadhi Sri Krishna Chaitanya sankirtana
Karayen karen laiya bhaktagana
(Chaitanya Bhagavata 3.5.329)

Text 271
Kaliyuga visheshe , sankirtana parakashe
Haba ami manuja murti
Tanu haba hema-Gaura, pratigya paliba tor
Prachariba parama piriti

Translation –
(Lord Narayana continued) ‘ In this age of Kali, in order to manifest the congregational chanting of my holy names, I shall manifest myself in a human like form, bearing a complexion as splendid as gold. I shall keep your vow and preach the highest truth of love of Krishna’.

Text 272
E mor antara hiya, tomare kahila iha
Sambari rakhoho nija mone
Saba avatara sar , Kali Gora avatara
Nistariba lok nijagune

Translation –
(Lord Narayana continued) ‘Now I have revealed my heart to you. Please keep this secret carefully locked away in your heart. Lord Gauranga, who shall appear in this age of kali, is the essence of all the other incarnations of the supreme. By the strength of His transcendental qualities, He shall deliver all people in Kali Yuga’.

Purport –
This verse is very significant. Lord Narayana , the opulent form of the Supreme Lord, Himself reveals in this verse that Lord Gauranga is the essence of all the other incarnations of the Supreme (avatara sar Gaura avatara). We have read previously how Narada muni had reached the same conclusion after beholding the wonderful form and characteristics of Lord Chaitanya.

Yata yata avatara saba haite sar
Kabhu nahi dekhi heno premar bhandar
Safal janam din, safal nayan
Ki dekhilun Gaura rupa , prasanna bayan
(Chaitanya Mangala , 2.121-122)

(Narada muni says) ‘Of all the Lord’s incarnations , Lord Gauranga is the best. I have never ever seen such a reservoir of pure ecstatic love. My life has become successful, my eyes have borne fruit, as today I have been able to behold the beautiful form of Lord Gauranga with His pleasant, blissful, smiling face’.

In this verse Lord Chaitanya has predicted how the whole universe shall be intoxicated with His divine love and be flooded in devotional ecstasy. He has predicted how being madly engrossed in His ecstatic love, the world shall be completely delivered from their miserable suffering condition.A person who receives Mahaprabhu’s causeless mercy cares for nothing else in this material world and achieves the highest perfection of life. The words ‘Nija gune’ is very significant, as Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has specifically mentioned over here ,about the love that others shall possess for Him ,His own form and its transcendental qualities (and not for any other manifestations of the supreme). Though all forms and manifestations of the Supreme belong to one and the same Supreme person, yet there are differences when it comes to each of their mood, nature, characteristics, qualities, magnanimity and purpose.
So worship of Lord Gauranga, the golden avatara, is very essence of devotional science, which shall soon be revealed in this fortunate age of kali.

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Text 273
Vishnu Katyayani sane, samvada brahmapurane
Utkala khandete parakash
Raja se Prataparudra, sarva-gunera samudra
Vyakta kaila anek prakash

Translation –
The preceding conversation between Lord Vishnu and goddess Katyayani, has been revealed in the Brahma Purana, Utkala khanda. King Prataparudra, who is an ocean of all transcendental qualities , was instrumental in distributing several copies of this passage.

Text 274
E kotha tomara mone , smarana nahik kene
Hashi hashi bole muniraje
Prabhu ajna dila more, ghosana dibara tore
Kaliyuga avatara kaje

Translation –
(Narada muni continued) ‘Smiling, Narada muni, the great sage, then asked Lord Shiva and Katyayani devi, “why don’t you remember this pastime?” The Lord ordered me, to announce His upcoming appearance in Kali-yuga’.

Text 275
Sabe Kaliyuga paiya, prithivite janama giya
Nama viparjaya nija angshe
Sei saba Loknath, saba parishada sath
Janama lobhiba vipra-bangshe

Translation –
(Narada continued) ‘When the Kaliyuga arrives, the Lord ,along with His eternal associates shall descend to earth to remove all calamities.The master of the world (Lord Gauranga), along with His associates, shall take birth in a brahmana family’.

Purport –
kaleh prathama sandhyayam gaurangothaam mahi taale
bhagirathi-tate ramie bhavisyami saci sutah
(Padma Purana)

(The supreme Lord said) I shall take birth upon the earth as the son of mother Saci assuming a golden form in a beautiful place on the bank of the Bhagirathi (Ganges) in the first part of Kali-yuga.

Text 276
Shuniya Narada vani, ullosito shulopani
Ullosito devi Katyayani
Anande bhorlo puri, sabe bole Hari Hari
Uthila ananda rol dhani

Translation –
Hearing Narada’s words, Lord Shiva (Shulopani) and devi Katyayani became jubilant. The whole place was pervaded with bliss and chants of ‘Hari ! Hari !’ sounded everywhere. A great tumult of blissful sounds arose.

Text 277
Chalila Naradamuni, uthila vinara dhvani
Sarasa madhura svara sanche
Amiya nadira dhara, sravane purila para
Tribhuvane jana mana ranje

Translation –
Playing upon his vina, Narada muni then departed. The sweet flattering sound of his vina was just like a stream of intoxicating nectar, that filled everyone’s ears. It delighted the hearts of all in these three worlds.

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