Glories of Mahaprabhu’s associates

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Denur gtb


(Bhatiyari Raga)
Bhaai-re gao gao Nitai-Chaitanya guna gatha (refrain)
Translation –
O My brothers ! Please sing the glories of Lord Chaitanya and Nityananda !!!

Text 601-602
Henorupe Mahaprabhu ajna yabe kaila
Nija nija angshe sabe janama lobhila
Mahesh Thakura sarva aage agoayan
Brahmana-er kule janma, Kamalaksha naam
Translation –
In this way, on receiving Mahaprabhu’s orders, His associates descended onto the earth , by their plenary portions. Lord Shiva was the first to come to the earth.He took birth in a family of brahmanas and his name was Kamalaksha.
Text 603-604
Pariya shuniya gune parabeen haila
‘Advaita acharya’ bali padabi lobhila
Sei maha-maheswar sattva guna dhare
Tamoguna bali yare ghosoye samsare
Translation –
Studying the Vedas, He became very learned and highly qualified. As a consequence, He was honored with the title ‘Advaita acharya’. This great personality, Maha-Maheswar (Lord Sada Shiva) ,is situated in the mode of goodness. Yet the people of this world mistake him to be situated in the mode of ignorance.
Purport –
Sri Advaita acharya was the combined incarnation of Maha Vishnu and Lord Sada-Shiva. In Chaitanya Charitamrita, Srila Krishnadasa Kaviraja mentions how Advaita acharya was greatly pained seeing the godlessness and the materialistic state of consciousness of the people of this age. He understood that only the Supreme Lord could save the world by bestowing the science of pure devotion unto the general populace. Being determined to cause the descent of the Supreme Lord, Sri Advaita began regularly praying and worshipping His Saligrama sila with tulasi and Ganges water. In the vedic scriptures, it is mentioned how the Lord becomes indebted to one who worships Him with Tulasi and Ganges water. Being very pleased with Advaita acharya’s prayers, the Supreme Lord descended as Lord Gauranga in this age of Kali. Sri Advaita acharya’s prayers were one of the many reasons why Lord Gauranga had come and blessed this world. That is why Sri Advaita is sometimes also referred to as ‘Gaura ana Thakura’, or one who caused the descent of Lord Gauranga.
Text 605-606
Antarbahye vicara na kare keho punah
Bahya acharana dekhi bole tamoguna
Krishnera kebala atma naame Harihara
Parakrita tamoguna gunera bhitor
Translation –
Not considering His inner nature, and only seeing His external activities, people say that he is in tamoguna (mode of ignorance).Lord Shiva always meditates upon Lord Krishna in his heart. That is why his name is Harihara.It is only the materialistic people who are in the mode of ignorance.
Purport –
pancatattvamakam gauram, Krishna Chaitanya-samjnakam
ye bhajanti navadvipe, te me priyatamah kila
Lord Shiva declares to Parvati, “They who in Navadvipa worship Lord Gauranga, who is known as Shri Krishna Chaitanya in His five features of Panca-tattva (Krishna Chaitanya, Prabhu Nityananda, Shri Advaita Acharya, Shrila Gadadhara Pandita, Shrila Shrivasa Thakura alongwith all the other associates of Lord Gauranga) ,are most dear to me.”
Within the island of Godruma,in Navadvipa, is located the beautiful temple of HariHara. This temple lies on the eastern bank of the Alakananda river that used to once flow over here.The amazing deity of Hari Hara , who is half Lord Shiva (white) and Half Lord Vishnu (Black) is worshipped here with due reverence. This deity of Harihara was rescued from the midst of the surrounding forest.The place came to be subsequently known as HariHara kshetra (the land of HariHara).This half Vishnu-half Shiva deity signifies how dear Lord Shiva is to the Supreme Lord.
In Navadvipa dham mahatmya ,Lord Nityananda has revealed to Jiva Goswami , how this land, is non-different from Kasi. Kasi ,situated in varanasi (a place in North India), is famous for being the land of mayavadi sannyasis (impersonalists) who try to attain liberation by cultivation of knowledge (jnana). But this Kasi of Navadvipa, is much superior to that of Varanasi, as Lord Shiva is eternally engaged here in singing the glories of Lord Gaurachandra and dancing in ecstasy. Lord shiva ,here at Hari-Hara Kshetra , begs his followers to accept devotion unto Gauranga. Hence this dham is also known as Maha-Varanasi (Greater Varanasi).Lord Shiva personally chants the name of Gauranga into the ears of any living entity who passes away at this place, thereby liberating them. Thus at HariHara Kshetra , there is no fear of death.
Text 607-608
Prakrita bhakata bali yei Tamoguni
Adhama baliye, alpa jane jabe jani
E kemone Harihara bolo tamoguna
Abagya na kara yabe mor bolo shuno
Translation –
It is the materialistic people, who are in the mode of ignorance. They are fallen and possess very little knowledge. How can they mistakenly speculate that Lord Harihara is in the mode of ignorance. Please do not disrespect Shiva in this way. Please listen to what I say.
Text 609-610
Mone anuman kari karoho vicara
Eteka boliye Gaura avatar sar
Sab avatare tar khelar sanhati
Balarama janama lobhila ei kshiti
Translation –
Now please consider in your heart, why Lord Gauranga is the essence of all the incarnations of the supreme Lord. Thereafter Lord Balarama, with whose help all the incarnations of the Lord enjoy their pastimes, took His birth upon the earth.
Text 611-612
Brahmanera kule yuga-dharma anurupa
Nitya anandakanda sahaja svarupa
Ek angshe janhara sahasra phana dhare
Ek phane mahi dhare sristi rakhibare
Translation –
He took birth in a family of brahmanas, in accordance with the religious practices of the age. He was eternally blissful and very merciful. As Ananta sesha, who is one of His plenary expansions, He possesses thousands of hoods. On one of His innumerable hoods, He holds the bhumandala, and protects the creation.
Text 613-614
Padmavati udore janama Balarama
Pita Hado ojha se, Paramananda naam
Pita mata naam thuila kuvera pandita
Vairagya bhavoye , Nityananda sucharita
Translation –
That same Lord Balarama took birth in the womb of mother Padmavati. His father was Hadai ojha. His father and mother gave Him the name ‘Kuvera pandita’. After He accepted sannyasa, He became known as Nityananda. His name is the source of unlimited bliss.
Purport –
Sri Nityananda Prabhu is none other than Lord Balarama, the first expansion of the Supreme Personality of Godhead who had appeared at Sri Ekachakra Dham (Birbhum, Bengal), to assist Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, manifest the most magnanimous pastimes. Narottama das Thakura sings ‘vrajendra nandana yei, saci suta haila sei, balarama haila Nitai’.Vrajendra Nandana is Lord Krishna, the master of Vraja (Vrindavana) and Saci suta means the son of mother Saci.So the same person who previously had been the darling of Vrindavana has now incarnated as Sri Chaitanya, the son of Saci mata.Similarly, the person who previously had been Lord Balarama has now appeared as Nityananda Prabhu.
Sri Nityananda Prabhu is the manifestation of the Lord’s devotion (bhakta svarupa) and without His mercy, it is not possible for one to obtain the shelter of Lord Chaitanya. Sri Nitai is our original Guru who helps us connect back with Krishna. The spiritual master ,by whose mercy we cross over this vast ocean of material existence, is actually the representative of Lord Nitai.Narottama Das Thakura sings ‘Nitai pada kamala, koti candra sushitala, je chayay jagata juray’.In other words, he reveals, that the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda is more soothing than a millions of moons, the shelter of which encapsulates the entire world.
Sri Nityananda prabhu had performed the most amazing pastimes, that cannot be completely described even with a thousand mouths. Such was His magnanimity,such was His mood, that He freely distributed the treasure of the Lord’s love ,obtaining which is rare even for demigods like Brahma, to one and all without judging one’s qualification (Brahma-ra durlabha prema sabakare yache). His uncommon unique pastimes moved even the atheists to cry tears of love.Lord Nitai was almost completely devoid of any external consciousness and remained intoxicated with an ecstatic love of God.In such a state of utter ecstasy, He would sometimes jump high up in the air or at other times roll over the ground, while continuously glorifying Lord Gauranga. Sometimes He would laugh and at other times, streams of tears would roll down His beautiful eyes.
He would hold straw between His teeth and beg whomever He saw to worship Lord Gaurahari and thereby purchase Him in return (jaare dekhe taare kohe dante trna dhori, amare kiniya loho bhaja Gaurahari). Saying thus, He would roll over the ground in ecstasy, and would appear like a golden mountain tumbling in the dust (eto boli Nityananda bhume gadi jaya, shonara parvata jeno dhulate lutaya).His uncommon nature and mesmerizing features amazed one and all.
Text 615-616
Shukla trayodashi shuvoyog Magh mashe
Prithivite janama laila parama harishe
Katyayani janama labhila dhora majhe
Sita nama dhare viprakulera samaje
Translation –
In the month of Magha, on the auspicious occasion of Shukla Trayodashi, Lord Nityananda happily took birth upon the earth. Goddess Katyayani also took her birth on the earth. She took birth in a family of brahmanas and her name was ‘Sita’.
Text 617-618
Advaita thakura sange ekatre nivas
Dohe mili Premabhakti kare parakash
Ami alpa-budhhi kaar kiba tattva jani
Avatara nirnoye ba kemone bakhani
Translation –
She married Advaita acharya, and together preached the science of spontaneous devotional service unto the Supreme Lord. I have very little intelligence, what do i know about the absolute truth ? How can I discern and describe all the various incarnations of the Lord’s associates ,who took their birth on the earth.
Purport –
Sita devi was the incarnation of Devi Durga or Mahamaya devi. She was the wife of Advaita prabhu. She was a very good cook. It has been described in prema Vilasa, that the prasadam she cooked tasted just like nectar and anyone who tasted it, was immediately immersed in waves of ecstatic love. Srinivasa acharya had honored this prasadam when he visited Advaita acharya’s sripat in Santipur, and he was immediately overwhelmed with ecstatic transcendental feelings. It is widely believed that the wonderful name ‘Nimai’ was given to Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu by Sita Thakurani.
Text 619-620
Mahantera mukhe ja suniyachhi kane
Tahao kahite nari , sankoch parane
Amara shakti nahi karite nirnoy
Nama loi eimatra yanr yei hoi
Translation –
I am shy to even speak of whatever I have heard from the mouths of the great souls.I have no power to reveal their original identities. I shall only list the names of the Lord’s associates.
Text 621-622
Aage pachhe vicara na koroho keho mone
Aksharanurodhe grantha nahe anukrame
Sacidevi Jagannatha misra purandara
Apane Thakura janma kaila yar ghar
Translation –
Please do not take any offense anyone. I am not listing the names in any particular order, not even an alphabetical order. Lord Chaitanya took birth in the house of Srimati Saci devi and Jagannatha Misra.
Locana das Thakura has offered his humble obeisances unto the associates of the Lord and seeked their blessings in the subsequent verses. We shall try to give a very brief introduction to a few of the Lord’s associates who are mentioned in the below verses. In order to relish all of their complete life and pastimes, please refer to our other books in ‘The Gaudiya Treasures of Bengal’ series.
Text 623-624
Gopinatha nama Kasimisra thakura
Chaitanya-sammata pathe ananda prachura
Pandita Sri-Gadadhara, Gadadhara das
Murari Mukunda Datta, ara Srinivasa
Translation –
Sri Gopinatha and Kasi Misra were two of the Lord’s associates. They found immense bliss following the devotional path prescribed by Lord Chaitanya. Sri Gadadhara Pandita, Gadadhara das, Murari Gupta, Mukunda Datta, Srinivasa acharya were some of His other associates.
Purport –
Murari gupta – Please refer to the purport of verse 1.28
Srila Krishnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami identifies Sri Gadadhara das , to be the twenty-third branch of Lord Chaitanya’s desire tree of devotional service .He has also referred to him as the ‘topmost’ (sarvopari) branch for he had inspired the Kazi (Muslim Magistrate) to chant the holy names of Lord Hari.(Sri Gadadhara das shakha sarvopari, kazi ganera mukhe yenha bolaila Hari).
The Sripat of Srila Gadadhara das is situated on the outskirts of North Kolkata, at a place called Ariadaha. Located on the bank of the Ganges, this exalted site, is exceedingly beautiful and spiritually surcharged.The place came across as very quiet,serene and a perfect escape into the realm of transcendence.
Sri Srinivasa Acharya was the manifestation of the Love of God and the incarnation of Mani Manjari, who eternally assists Sri Guna Manjari (who had appeared as his spiritual master, Sri Gopala Bhatta Goswami) , in serving Sri Radha and Krishna in Vrindavan. Sri Srinivasa Acharya was born around the year 1442 AD.His father was Sri Chaitanya Das and his mother was Srimati Lakshmipriya devi. He was empowered and blessed by the Supreme Lord to widely distribute the love of God to one and all.
Text 625-626
Raya Ramananda ara Vasudeva Datta
Haridasa Thakura ara Govinda-anugata
Isvara Madhava puri, Vishnupuri ara
Bakreshwar, Paramananda Puri suddhachar
Translation –
His associates were Ramananda Raya, Vasudeva Datta, Haridasa Thakura and devoted Govinda. Isvara Puri, Madhava Puri, Vishnupuri, Bakreshwar pandita , virtuous Paramananda Puri were some of His other associates.
Purport –
In the ‘Navadvipa Dham Mahatmya’, Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura mentions that in the age of Dvapara (the previous yuga), Lord Brahma (of our universe) had stolen the cows, cowherd boys and calves of Vrindavana with an intention of testing whether Krishna was the Supreme Lord.On realizing that Krishna was indeed his worshipable Supreme master, Brahma felt very ashamed. As an atonement, he arrived at present day Mayapur and began meditating upon the blissful form of Gaurahari. Lord Chaitanya became very pleased and knowing the desires of Brahma, granted him the boon that he would become an intimate associate of Lord Gauranga when the Lord would next advent in this material world.However to ensure that Brahma didn’t get puffed up of his own position again, he arranged that Brahma incarnated as Haridasa Thakura who was born in a family of Muslims.Being an embodiment of humility and being free from pride, Srila Haridasa (in Chaitanya Leela) widely preached the glories of the holy name and brought auspiciousness to all.
To know more about Sri Isvara Puri and Madhavendra puri , please refer to the purport of verse 1.25
Text 627-628
Pandita Jagadananda ara Vishnupriya
Raghava Pandita adi Prithivi asiya
Ramdasa Gaudidasa ara to sundara
Krishnadasa Purusottama Sri Kamalakara
Translation –
There were Jagadananda Pandita, Vishnupriya devi, Raghava Pandita and others who had descended to the earth. Sri Ramdasa, Gaudidasa and Krishnadasa, Purusottama and Sri Kamalakara were also present.
Purport –
Please refer to the purports of verses – 1.23, 1.30, 1.31,1.32
Text 629-630
Kala Krishnadasa ara Uddharana Datta
Dvadasha Gopala vraje ihara mahattva
Parameswar das ar Vrindavana das
Kashishwar, Srila Rupa, Sanatana prakash
Kala-Krishnadasa and Uddharana Datta Thakura were two of the twelve glorious cowherd boys of Vrindavana. Sri Parameswar das, Vrindavana das Thakura, Kashishwar, Rupa and Sanatana Goswami were also some of His associates.
Purport –
Please refer to the purport of verse 1.31
Text 631-632
Govinda, Madhava Ghosh, Vasu Ghosh ara
Sabe mili asi kaila namera prachara
Damodara pandita miliya panch bhai
Janama lobhila prithivite ek thain
Translation –
There was Govinda Ghosh, Madhava Ghosh and Vasudeva Ghosh, who together preached the glories of the holy name, on the earth. Damodara Pandita and his five brothers, took birth on the earth in the same family.
Purport –
About 20 kms west of Katwa, on the banks of the Ajay river,lies a village named ‘Kulai’.It was in this village that the three stalwart vaishnavas, Sri Govinda Ghosh,Sri Madhava Ghosh and Sri Vasu ghosh had mercifully appeared, and as a result of which this place had become sanctified and renowned all over the three worlds. These three brothers possessed a very melodious voice and their songs provided a lot of delight to Lord Gauranga and Nityananda who danced at their tunes (Govinda Madhava Vasudeva teen bhai , Ya sabara kirtane nache Chaitanya Nitai ).
At their house, in Kulai, stands a tall Neem tree, from whose wood Sri Narahari sarkar Thakura had later carved the three most beautiful deities of Lord Chaitanya, depicting His dancing intoxicated form (Rasaraja Mahabhava). The tallest of the three famous deities is presently worshipped at Sri Gauranga bari, in Katwa, where Sri Mahaprabhu had accepted His sannyasa initiation . The shortest one resides at the house of Sri Narahari Sarkara Thakura at Srikhanda, where it is served with due diligence till this day .The third deity, which is neither the tallest nor the shortest, is presently being served at Ekachakra Dham, birthplace of Lord Nityananda.
Few years after their father, Sri Ballava Ghosh, had shifted to Halisahar, in the north 24 parganas, the three brothers moved over to Navadvipa, where they fortunately received the priceless association of Lord Gauranga & Nityananda.All three of them were very dear and intimate associates of their lordships. Sri Gaura Gannodesha Dipika reveals that the three dearmost sakhis of Vishakha Vraja Gopi,namely Kalavati,Rasollosa and Gunatunga ,whose songs provided immense pleasure to Sri Radha and Krishna, had appeared as Sri Govinda Ghosh,Madhava Ghosh and Sri Vasu Ghosh respectively, in Mahaprabhu’s pastimes.This has been confirmed elsewhere in Vaishnava acara darpana as well.
Text 633-634
Purandara pandita ara paramananda vaidya
Prithivite aila yata chhila anta adya
Sri Narahari das Thakura amara
Vishese kahiba kichhu charitra tahara
Translation –
There was Purandara Pandita and Paramananda Vaidya. All of the Lord’s associates from the beginning to the end descended onto the earth. There was also Sri Narahari Sarkar Thakura, my spiritual master. I shall especially describe some of his qualities.
Text 635-636
Tahara charitra ami ki kahite jani
Apana budhhira shakti yei anumani
Abhiman keho kichhu na kariho mone
Pranati kariye nija Gurura charane
Translation –
What can i say about his exalted nature and qualities ? With whatever little strength my intelligence has, i shall try and comprehend them. Please don’t take any offense anyone. I shall now worship the lotus feet of my spiritual master.
Text 637-638
Yanra pada-parashade aami heno chhar
Tomara thakura guna kahon to sabhara
Sri Narahari das Thakura amara
Vaidya kule maha-kula prabhaba yanhara
Translation –
Sri Narahari thakura, by the mercy of whose lotus feet, even a worthless person like me could describe his glories to everyone. He is my worshipful master. In the great family of the Vaidyas (physicians), he is glorious and famous.
Purport –
Please refer to the purport of verse – 1.13
Sri Narahari Sarkar, had been one of the most intimate associates of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Sri Narahari Sarkara Thakura, who was the incarnation of sakhi Madhumati, in Krishna’s Vrindavana pastimes, appeared at Srikhanda, a few years before the appearance of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu at Navadvipa.Sri Nara Narayana Dev and Srimati Gauri devi achieved the ultimate perfection of their lives ,becoming the proud parents of Sri Narahari Sarkara Thakura.Sri Locana Das Thakura dedicates Sri Chaitanya Mangala to his beloved Gurudeva, Sri Narahari Sarkara Thakura, by whose intense desire Sri Locana Das had later appeared in this world and composed this great classic.Sri Locana Das Thakura humbly considers himself as incapable and ineligible to write such a beautiful piece without the mercy and empowerment of his Gurudeva.
Thakura Sri Narahari, Das prana adhikari
Janra pada prema prati aash
Adhameo sadh kare, Gauraguna gahibare
Bharosaya e locana das
Sri Vaishnava Acara Darpana explains how the erstwhile devotees realized that the supreme treasure of Sri Gauranga prema can be obtained by the service of Sri Narahari, and hence they honored him with the title ‘Sarkara Thakura’ (Gauranga premera bhandara tara haathe,Sarkara Thakura naam haila taha haite).
Text 639-640
Anargala Krishna prema Krishnamaya tanu
Anugata jone na bujhan prema binu
Asankhya jivera daya kator hridoy
Krishna anurage sada athira aashoy
Translation –
He is continuously imbued with an ecstatic love for Krishna . His body is filled with emotions for Lord Krishna. To his followers, he always explained the truth of ecstatic spiritual love for Krishna. His heart is overcome with compassion for the innumerable suffering living entities.His heart is always restless due to his intense love for Krishna.
Text 641-642
Radhakrishna-rase tanu gariyachhe yeno
Bhavera udoy hoy jokhon jemono
Kshane Radhakrishna rase nirmala kiriti
Srikhanda-bhukhanda majhe yar abasthiti
Translation –
His body is ,as if, made of the nectarean mellows of the love between Radha and Krishna. Ecstatic emotions arise within his body every now and then. Being always plunged in the nectarean mellows of Sri Radha and Krishna, Sri Narahari lives in the middle of Srikhanda.
Text 643-644
‘Narahari Chaitanya’ baliya prabhura khyati
Se charana binu mor ara nahi gati
Kshane Krishna-rasa kshane Radha bhavera abeshe
Radhakrishna-rasa murtimanta parakashe
Translation –
He is renowned as ‘Narahari Chaitanya’. Without his lotus feet, i have no other hope.One moment he is plunged into the ecstatic nectarean pastimes of Lord Krishna. The next moment he is obsessed with the mood of Srimati Radharani. He is the personification of the nectarean mellows of Sri Radha and Krishna.
Text 645-646
Chaitanya sammata pathe se suddha vichara
Atula sarasa bhava sab avatara
Sakala Vaishnave yogya sammana piriti
Sakala samsare yar nirmala kiriti
Translation –
He has the pure conception of the path prescribed by Lord Chaitanya.He was the incarnation of the peerless nectar of spiritual love. He was appropriately affectionate towards all the vaishnavas. His pure spotless fame is manifest all over the world.
Purport –
During the Rath Yatra at Jagannath Puri, the vaishnavas of Srikhanda formed a group of their own, and immersed themselves in an intoxicating dancing sankirtana. Sri Narahari and Sri Raghunandana (Sri Mukunda’s son) were its leaders. Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita reveals –
khandera sampradaya kaare anyatra kirtana
Narahari nache tahan sri Raghunandana
(Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita, Madhya, 13.46)
Actually, under the instructions of Sri Chaitanya, all the other groups performed kirtana, which greatly glorified Sri krishna. However, being exceedingly attached to Sri Gaurasundara, the devotees of Srikhanda, were not able to abide by Mahaprabhu’s orders completely. Not being able to control their earnest desires to glorify Lord Gaurasundara, they engaged in an ecstatic Gaura-kirtana, which greatly praised the unending qualities of Sacinandana.
This is one of the greatest qualities of a devotee of the Supreme Lord that he can only see his beloved worshipable Lord everywhere (sthavara jangama dekhe, na dekhe taar murti, sarvatra haya nija ishta deva sphurti) and wants to engage in his service. The devotees of Srikhanda were more attached to Lord Gaurasundara that they were to Lord Krishna. Though Lord Krishna and Lord Gauranga are one and the same person, yet the two are different when it comes to their mood, nature and their magnanimity. Sri Mukunda, Narahari and Raghunandana were more attached to the form of the supreme Lord as Gaurahari ,than they were to His form as Krishna. Hence Gauranga-bhajana was their choice of worshipping the supreme.This is an example of the mood and dedication that a devotee of the Lord possesses towards His ishta deva (worshipable form of the Supreme Lord).
Text 647-648
Vrindavane Madhumati nama chhilo yar
Radhapriya sakhi tehon madhura bhandar
Ebe Kalikale Gauranga-sange Narahari
Radha-Krishna prema bhandare adhikari
Translation –
The sakhi whose name was Madhumati in the spiritual realm of Vrindavana, who was a dear friend of Srimati Radharani, and who was a reservoir of nectar, has now descended as an associate of Lord Gauranga. He has descended as Narahari Sarkar, possessing the nectar of the ecstatic love of Sri Radha and Krishna.
Text 649-650
Tar bhratusputra Sri Raghunandana thakura
Sakala samsare yashah ghosoye prachura
Sri-murtike Laddu khaoyaila yei jon
Tare alpabudhhi kare kon mudha jon
Translation –
His nephew, Sri Raghunandana Thakura, is very famous throughout the world.He personally fed Laddus to His Gopala deity. Only a fool can consider Him to be an ordinary person.
Purport –
Sri Gaura Gannodesha Dipika reveals that Lord Pradyumna, the third member of the Catur-vyuha, who had formerly appeared in Vrajabhumi as a close friend of Sri Radha and Krishna, has now appeared in Lord Chaitanya’s pastimes as Sri Raghunandana. Hence Sri Raghunandana Thakura belongs to Vishnu Tattva .Sri Raghunandana has performed some amazing pastimes, at srikhanda, the glories of which are sung till this day.
To learn more about Sri Raghunandana’s pastimes with Gopala, please refer to the purport of verse – 1.38
Text 651-652
Sahaje vaishnava nahe varnera bhitor
Krishna-sange yar katha- se Krishna kebala
Sri-murtira sane katha yar anubrata
Tahare kemon jano kemona mahattva
Translation –
One does not become a vaishnava simply by being part of the same caste. One who talks with lord Krishna is Krishna Himself. How can anyone truly understand the glories of one, who continuously converses with His Gopala deity ?
Text 653-654
Yahare Chaitanya baila, mor prana tumi
Prakash karila yare abhiram Goswami
Madana boliya avatara janaila
Chaitanyera kole sabe temoni dekhila
Translation –
Lord Chaitanya said to Raghunandana,’You are My very life’. His true identity (as an expansion of Krishna) was revealed by Abhirama Gopala.When Raghunandana was in Lord Chaitanya’s lap, everyone thought that He was an incarnation of Kamadeva.
Purport –
Another renowned pastime of Sri Raghunandana Thakura was during His meeting with Abhirama Gopala. Sri Abhirama Gopal Thakura, one of the most prominent of the twelve cowherd boys (Dvadasa Gopala), was a very powerful personality. He was a great friend and an intimate associate of Sri Nityananda Prabhu.He was formerly the cowherd boy Sridama in Krishna’s Vrindavana pastimes. If Abhirama Thakura bowed down to any person who was not the Lord, or empowered by the Lord, then that person would die immediately. Similarly if he bowed down before any stone that was not a saligrama sila, then that stone would immediately crack.Several deities in Bengal had cracked just because Sri Abirama had paid them his obeisances.All the previous seven sons of Nityananda Prabhu had died because Sri Abhirama Thakura had paid them his dandavats.But Birchandra prabhu ,Lord Nitai’s son, was unharmed because He Himself was an expansion of the Supreme Lord. So, when Abhirama Gopala Thakura came to Srikhanda,he wanted to pay his obeisances to little Raghunandana, in order to test Him. Fearing his son’s harm, Mukunda had hid his son inside his house. Not seeing Raghunandana , Sri Abhirama, left the village and walked all the way to Baradanga (on the southern end of Srikhanda). There, to his utter surprise, Sri Raghunandana Thakura gave him His blissful darsana. Sri Abhirama Gopala became exceedingly happy seeing Him and paid Him his obeisances.Seeing that no harm was caused to Raghunandana, Sri Abhirama Gopala became overjoyed and started dancing with Him in ecstasy. The glories of the intoxicated dancing sankirtana that took place five hundred years ago at baradanga, is still sung by the devotees. During this dance, little Raghunandana’s anklet fell off from His feet ,and flew several kilometers away and fell at a place called Akaihata. The impact caused due to the anklet touching the ground created a pond that exists at Akaihata till this day.
Text 655-656
Krishnera abeshe nritya jagah-manah mohe
Nahi bhinna-bhinna sab soman sinehe
Sarvada madhura vani boloye badane
Sarvakala na shunila utkata kathane
Translation –
In a mood of intense attachment to Lord Krishna, He danced enchanting the hearts of everyone in this world. He did not make any distinctions and loved everyone equally. He always spoke sweet nectarean words from His mouth and never spoke harshly.
Text 657-658
Chaturi madhuri leela vilasa labanya
Rasamaya deho tar e samsara dhanya
Pita yar mahamati Sri Mukunda dasa
Chaitanya sammata pathe nirmala visvasa
Translation –
The intelligent, naughty, sweet pastimes performed by His nectarean charming body, made the world fortunate. His father was the noble hearted Mukunda das, who had spotless faith upon the path prescribed by Lord Chaitanya.
Text 659-660
Mayurer pakha dekhi raj-sannidhane
Parilen Krishnarupa akarshiya mone
Ke jane kemon rasa Chaitanya-era sangi
Janoye ananta adi , jara anga sangi
Translation –
Seeing a fan made of peacock feathers, He fainted , remembering the ecstatic pastimes of Lord Krishna. Who knows what mellows an intimate associate of Lord Chaitanya enjoys ? Only the confidential associates of the Lord know of this completely.
Purport –
Please refer to the purport of verse 1.34
Text 661-662
Jive ki dekhite paay Krishnera vaibhava
Sei jon dekhe yate Krishna anubhava
Ki kahiba ara astra parishada yata
Prithivi aila sabe, nama niba kata
Translation –
How can an ordinary living entity see Lord Krishna’s glory and opulence. Only one who is Krishna conscious can see this. What more can I say ? The weapons and associates of the Lord had all descended to the earth. How can I name them all ?
Text 663-664
Samudrera jol yadi kalashe parimani
Prithivira renu yadi eke eke goni
Akashera tara yabe ganibare pari
Tabhu Gaura avatara lekhibare nari
Translation –
I can measure the water of the sea in a water pot or count all the dust particles of this world, one by one. I may even be able to count the number of stars in the sky. But even then, i won’t be able to fully write all the glories of Lord Chaitanya.
Text 665-666
Muin ati alpabuddhi, ki kahiba ara
Murukha haiya karo vedera vichara
Andha yeno dristihina divya ratna chahe
Kharba yeno chand dharibare mele bahe
Translation –
I am very less intelligent. What more can I say ? Being a fool, I am trying to understand the Vedas.Just a blind man wants to see a celestial jewel or just as a dwarf wants to catch the moon…(continued)
Text 667-668
Pangu mahi langhibare kare ahankara
Khudra pipilika giri chahe bahibar
Aichhana hridoye asha vilasa amara
Gaura avatara katha karite prachara
Translation –
Or just as a lame man proudly proclaims that he would jump over a mountain or a tiny ant wants to carry a mountain on its back, similarly, in my heart I possess an intense desire to preach the glories of Lord Gauranga and His pastimes.
Purport –
This is the prayer of those who have realized that Gauranga prema(love) is the essence of bhakti (devotional science) –
Vaso me varam astu hora dahana jvalavali panjare
Sri Chaitanya padaravinda vimukhair na kutrachit sangamah
Vaikunthadi padam svayam ca militam no me mano lipsate
Padambhoja rajas chata yadi manak gaurasya no rasyate
(Chaitanya Chandramrita, Text 65)
Let me live in the most terrible and the most dreadful burning cage of fire rather than associate with those who are averse to Lord Chaitanya’s lotus feet.My heart has no desire to achieve an eternal residence in Vaikuntha if for a single moment I cannot relish the pollen of the lotus feet of Lord Chaitanya.
Text 669-670
Karojor kari bolon , shuno sarvajana
Bachal karoye Gaura-gune mukjon
Nirjihe kahoye se prakata chatuvani
Na pori murukh kahe brahmera kahini
Translation –
I say with folded hands, please listen everyone. By the divine touch of Lord Gauranga’s glory, a dumb man can become an eloquent speaker or a person without tongue can speak very wise words or an uneducated fool can speak the glories of the Supreme Lord.
Purport –
The contents of this verse should not be taken literally. This verse expresses the humility of Locana das Thakura. It is the mark of great devotees, that they consider themselves fallen and unfit for performing any service unto the Lord. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had instructed ‘trinad api sunicena, taror api sahishnuna’ or in other words, a devotee needs to be humbler than a blade of grass and more tolerant than a tree. This is the actual qualification for performing devotional service and it is this quality in His devotees, that attracts Lord Gauranga towards them. Sri Haridasa Thakura, inspite of being the namacharya and an eternal associate of the Lord, forever considered himself fallen and never entered the temple of Jagannatha Puri. He used to perform his bhajana, staying at Siddha Bakula, situated outside the Jagannatha Puri temple. Sri Rupa and Sanatana Goswamis, inspite of being the prime minister and the finance ministers of erstwhile Bengal, fell prostrated at the lotus feet of Lord Gauranga, holding straws between their teeth, when they happened to meet Him. They surrendered their opulence, position, fame, etc and dedicated their lives completely in the service of Mahaprabhu.
Text 671-672
Prithivi jonomi maha maha bhagavata
Krishnera gopata katha koroye bekata
Akarane karuna karoye sarvajive
Mata jeno duranta tanay parishebe
Translation –
The most elevated vaishnavas appear on the earth to explain the confidential knowledge of Lord Krishna. They bestow their causeless mercy upon all living entities, just as a mother selflessly takes care of her naughty child.
Text 673-674
Aichhana prabhura daya dekhiya agadha
Adhama haiya amritera karo swadh
Sri Narahari das er dayamaya dehe
Pataki dekhiye daya abadh sinehe
Translation –
Observing the limitless mercy of Lord Gauranga, even a fallen person like myself, desires to taste the nectar of the Lord’s mercy. Sri Narahari das’ body is full of compassion. He mercifully poured his affection upon this sinful person.
Purport –
kandarpad api sundarah surasarit purad aho pavanah
sitamsor api shitalah sumadhuroh madhvika sarad api
data kalpa mahiruhad api maha snigdho jananya api
premna Gaura harih kada nu hrdi me dhyatuh padah dhasyati
(Chaitanya Chandramrita, Text 72)
When will Lord Gaurahari, who is unlimitedly more beautiful than Cupid, infinitely more purifying than the celestial Ganges, more soothing than millions of moons, sweeter than madhavika nectar, more charitable and generous than the celestial desire creepers, and more affectionate than millions of mothers , appear in my meditation and lovingly place His lotus feet upon my heart ?
Text 675-676
Duranta pataki andha ati durachare
Anath dekhiya daya karila amare
Tar dayabale ara Vaishnava prasade
Ei bharosaye punthi haibe abadhe
Translation –
Seeing that I am very sinful, spiritually blind ,ill-behaved having no shelter, Sri Narahari mercifully showered his compassion upon me.It is by the strength of his compassion and the mercy of the vaishnavas, i hope to complete this book without any impediments.
Purport –
It is the duty of us Gaudiya vaishnavas to ensure that this precious book, which Sri Locana das Thakura has composed with so much love and dedication, reaches millions and floods this world with Gauranga Prema. Lord Gauranga is the only hope of us fallen sinful suffering people.
Text 677-678
Karajore kari bolon kator bayane
Atma nivedi e muin Vaishnava-charane
Mor adhika adhama nahika mahi majhe
Vaishnavera kripa bol-e siddhi houk kaje
Translation –
With folded hands , I say these plaintive words, ‘I offer myself at the feet of the vaishnavas’. There is no one more fallen than me in this world.Let my desire be fulfilled by the mercy of the vaishnavas.
Text 679-680
Dashane dhariya trina e Locana das
Pranati binati kare, puura mor aash
Sutra-khanda saay punthi – shuno sarva jana
Avatara adikhande kahiba ekhono
Translation –
Placing straws between my teeth, I, Locana das, humbly beg and say, ‘Please fulfill my desire’. Please hear everyone that the Sutra Khanda of this book has now come to an end. I shall now speak about the incarnation of Lord Gauranga in the Adi-khanda of the book.
Text 681
Sutrakatha saay ebe premera vilasa
Ananda hridoye kahe e Locana das
Translation –
Sutra khanda has now ended. With a blissful heart, Locana das, shall now recite the pastimes of ecstatic love of Lord Gauranga.


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