Offering unto dear Gurudeva on his 70th Vyasa Puja

The below is our humble offering unto His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Maharaja on his 70th Vyasa Puja

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There was no hope left for us,
Until you mercifully accepted us in your mission
Your presence dispelled all darkness ,O holiness !,
you are an embodiment of compassion

Nitai preaches Gauranga’s glories through you
And the world now knows His fame
‘Gaura Gaura Gaura’ !!! Like Sukhadeva we cannot help now
But chant His holy name

Ignoring limitless pain ,your holiness
You mercifully provide us with your association
A loyal soldier of Mahaprabhu, you continue to fight
Till Goloka, the tales of your valour are sung

Without You, Gurudeva, who could have rescued us?
Who could have shown us the way ?
May we remain eternally attached to your lotus feet,
Unto all previous acharyas we pray

May we remain engaged in the ecstatic service of Nitai Gaura
And realize it to be the very reason for existence
Diptiman Gaurahari and Diptimayi Vishnupriya prays, O Gurudeva !
May we serve more and more, never forgetting this essence

– Offering by
Diptiman Gaurahari Das & Diptimayi Vishnupriya Devi Dasi
(Initiated disciples of Guru Maharaja)

Services we are engaged in :

1.  We run a website which preaches the glories of Gauda Mandala Bhumi, glories of Lord Gauranga and His associates.  We have covered most of the pastime places of West bengal and East Bangladesh by now. We are hoping to cover the rest of West bangladesh soon, by mercy of Gurudeva.

2. We have published 6 books till now (both Print version and kindle version) dedicated to preaching and propagating the glories of Gauda Mandla Bhumi and Lord Gauranga. The details of these books can be found in this link –

By mercy of Gurudeva, we hope to write more books and cover more pastimes and pastime places of Lord Gauranga in our website, and thereby preach them widely.

3. The Facebook page dedicated to this website has around 50,000 followers now and by gurudeva’s mercy, we plan to reach the 1 lakh figure by this year end. Link –

Dīptimān Gaurahari dāsa,
Dīptimayī Viṣṇupriyā devī Dāsī, (Dīkṣā),

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