Vyasa Puja homage unto Gurudeva (2018 – 69th Vyasa Puja)

The below is our humble offering unto our beloved Gurudeva on his 69th Vyasa Puja.

How fortunate i am to have lived this life,
and be able to try and serve,
How fortunate to have obtained your causeless mercy,
though not possessing anything to deserve

How fortunate to have relished the Lord’s pastimes,
to have tasted its ecstatic nectar,
How much sweeter , how very blissful they become,
when heard from your lips ,O Master.

Ignoring limitless pain and nightmares,
far and wide thou preach
For the sound of Kartala and Mridanga,
Till Vaikuntha they must reach

Feeling compassionate upon us fallen souls,
you accept all our sins
But for your mercy Gurudeva,
our deliverance has no other means

Who else could have rescued us,
and flooded our hearts with love
Who else could have shown us the light,
    And inspired us to serve

Hankering the shelter of its cooling shades,
Unto your lotus feet we cling
Diptiman Gaurahari and Diptimayi Vishnupriya prays,
Forever your glories we may sing…

– Offering by
Diptiman Gaurahari Das & Diptimayi Vishnupriya Devi Dasi

HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaja

The above offering had also been published in Guru maharaja’s vyasa Puja website. Link provided – http://www.vyasapuja.com/?pid=210

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