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Jayadeva Goswami – Biography, Life & Teachings | Sripat Kenduli (Near Shantiniketan)


About 300 years prior to the appearance of Lord Caitanya, lived a great Bengali poet named Jayadeva Goswami. Jayadeva was born here at the village of Kenduli, situated on the banks of Ajay river, a place not very far from Shantiniketan. Kenduli came across as a calm, serene and a spiritually exalted destination, perfect for one desiring to escape into the realm of transcendence. ‘The Gaudiya Treasures of Bengal’ considers itself greatly fortunate to have been able to visit Kenduli, and pray for the causeless mercy of this great Vaishnava saint.We humbly beg for His blessings and empowerment in order to rewind the clock a few hundred years and pen a few lines in His glorification.

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